Hour beware of: A few optimize respect mistake about searching engine

The thing that did not write SEO respect for ages, wrote a few mistakes that optimize a respect about searching engine today, these wrong misunderstanding bring about search engine oversight you, website caller ignores you, make likely still the person that visit sheds lose from your website.

With overmuch Flash

Want to know, because search engine technology account, cannot retrieve the content in Flash, accordingly, overmuch Flash is used to be able to be just the opposite to what one wished in the website. And the website uses overmuch Flash, can raise website manpower cost, contrary, many the picture is better than Flash.

Did not use the link that takes key word

To optimizing for, it is very important to use the in-house link that takes key word and exterior link, release information on other website for instance, him website joins in key word exceed a link. Acquired more and more key word links, with respect to the integral weight that can increase a website, all alone engine also meets search to pay close attention to your website more and more.

Still have an attention place, do different key word to link on different webpage namely, because spread these rich key word dispersedly, many the effect will be better than single key word, and a bit the most important: The fact proves Gu Ge not to take page end seriously too.

Use same title

In alling alone engine is ranked, search has a factor, it is headline of your website page.

Use black hat SEO

Least safety feels black hat SEO, a lot of enterprises like to use black hat SEO to do the keyword quickly very much, but feel without safety so, because everybody does not know search engine,can issue a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes.

The method that uses black hat SEO commonly has:

1, camouflage webpage. Hang a key word on caption namely, what content is done not have inside;

2, conceal a character. The setting of the character of the keyword and webpage is same, netizens look not to come out commonly, but search engine spider is OK capture arrives;

3, key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases. Some websites placed the information of a lot of key word in Head, this is essential no point, can cause the allergy that searchs engine, baidu has a branch to handle the website of these key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases technically;

4, bridge page. The single page that the means website place of bridge page makes is optimized, the purpose is to obtain the rank that searching engine, all such webpage is final it is to guide a true website to go up, have the effect that enters the mouth to, be become by people accordingly bridge page. Although search engine not to like bridge page, but do not have method, had not obtained the technology that can identify bridge page at present;

5, Alt attribute. Alt attribute is added in the picture that should show, pushbutton, navigation commonly on other perhaps content, be willing is to make an user easier understand a website, but also not be all places can increase Alt property, if be alled alone by search engine discovered, can be punished;

6, rubbish comment. Basically be to pass rich guest to comment on a tool to undertake rubbish the construction of exterior link, same, pass a review, also be to hope to be able to come up from rich guest a few discharge, nevertheless Gu Ge comments on pilot to rubbish now very strict;

7, forum group hair. Comment on a tool with rich guest similar, also be stared at closely by Gu Ge now;

The link of use Java

Search engine catchs Java of very difficult capture, still choose DIV+CSS as far as possible so. In content management the system chooses to go up, choose to be able to make static page automatically as far as possible, and the program with compact code, wait like Dedecms, Phpcms.

The little attention that friendship links is nodded

Friendship link is optimized to Gu Ge for, it is a very important segment, if the link of the website exceeded 100, that is punished likely by Gu Ge at any time.

Often change a name

If often change file name or catalog name, the page that before can be being brought about, collects disappears, the quality of the website also can drop subsequently, the loss outweights the gain thereby.

Reduplicative content

Reduplicative content involves the many webpages that use identical content, or borrowed the content of other website. Search engine to be able to detect automatically, if discovered such circumstance, search engine to won’t be collected likely, of course, if somebody steals your word that achieves formerly, you also can all alone inquire on engine to search.

Summary is the following with a few detail:

1: Prevent K station, do not interrelate oneself received station is overmuch same piece now a page, put in even same on IP.

2: Do not want group of hair, group the effect of hair is done not have remarkable in that way before, but still have a few effect. But want to remember, happiness is painful afterwards.

3: A lot of stationmaster own a few stations, must not join each other, can give Baidu otherwise group K leaves an opportunity.

4:SEO is important is join, do join to also a few want to say. For instance I want the keyword that do: ASP source, make connective time with others, join name uses ASP source as far as possible this word. But not short time appears to join too much, it is same even a join of the name.

5: Do not delete a page casually. It is do not want content, also do not want cutout, change him into other content.