Hind SEO times, what to take to save our discharge?

Your meeting SEO? This word had been become 2007 a common saying of stationmaster bound, when old before Beijing meets, seem asks: Did you eat? For a short while, each big station fourdrinier wire, be like Admin5, zzchn, im286, rolled out many SEO technology literary works and SEO analysis in succession, opened SEO column and SEO special subject even, it is the novice center that just enters website field no matter, still had felt climb roll the old bird that played a few years, do not have one incorrect SEO be filled with deep esteem of word of these 3 English.

The happening of SEO phenomenon, and the blundering mood of individual stationmaster bound concerns now: Do discharge = quickly fast profitable = succeeds quickly, as if for a reasonable equality, a kind of such wild thought, make almost all stationmaster that had heard of SEO, was attracted by the effect place of SEO happiness, think: I should be met only SEO, I can make the website that gets my gets many flow certainly.

What the fact is not an imagination is so good, it is met, a lot of people also did not get so high good flow, even 1000IP everyday such flow figure, to stationmaster of very much individual character is special be expected to cannot be reached, does the problem go after all which?

One. The technology of SEO is very simple.

Now in all education articles, do not have one exception be in to SEO ceaseless myth, the perception that reflects to the person is: SEO is mysterious, SEO is profound, but the fact is not such, if let me do a summary to the technology of SEO, so a few more the following the respect should be accomplished only, in the technical level of SEO, you can have dispatched troops:

1, title is very important, had better write a keyword only, if stand in order to cast the net: The website characteristic of net inn China is net inn, the set up shop on the net, so, the Title of your website writes net inn, the set up shop on the net, the name of your website

2, description and Keyword have write, need not not write

3, page coping, impose a sentence, take your website keyword, literal form

4, logo adds Alt explanatory note

5, take as far as possible in the content of dominant boat advocate keyword

6, each column names appear with literal form, and add go up relevant column address

7, page bottom adds keyword and home page link again

8, insert in every page as far as possible advocate key word, need not worry about keyword density too

OK, with respect to so much, simple, at least I every time optimizing is to be done so, and the distinction of so called DIV and Table; The CMS with what kind of choice can better let a search admit, these are not problems, also not be main central issue, SEO technology is very simple, learn two months, everybody can be done.

But why after a lot of people were reading the article of so much SEO, didn’t integral discharge get rising? 1, did not start work go doing, it is this bit the most abominable, otherwise is done do not look, saw the person that does not do cry without the qualification. But 2 o’clock just is actually advocate because of, also be the origin that I write an article today, namely: Everybody knows these techniques, using, but discharge still did not rise, and even if rose, whole market is so big, everybody SEO, is the flow of person of difficult a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest swelled?

2. Hind SEO times, what to take to save you, my discharge

The pancake of discharge is so big, you also SEO, I also SEO, learn to learn a skill, modification code, basically everybody can be done, but the cannot attain oneself very quickly as a result ideal with final everybody, have a gun when everybody when, actually safe this word, had left us far.
Divide the factitious interpose that searchs engine, outside technical limitation, more important is: Does SEO revise next pages namely merely so simple?

My understanding is: Do not have far so simple, and overall for, emphasize the SEOER of technical level, be low level only optimize an expert, just with respect to a respect (teach you how to analyse key word for instance) the person that has study, at best is SEO lover only just, SEO should be put in a level with network sale, can consider as a network a of sale main component even: SEO is not great, it is a field that the website develops only forever, and a very little still respect.

So, the final result that what respect restricted SEO be after all?

Increase of 1. exterior link ceaselessly

This is the issue that a lot of people that do SEO ignore easily, if cannot the outside increasing catenary of enough geometry number, can hold a stable rank not quite, when the river rises the boat goes up too everybody knows this word, rise ceaselessly as the rank of your website, as the addition of the discharge of your website, what your adversary changes is faster, administrative levels is higher, subsequently you need prop up jump over with respect to need much, so, how to come the catenary outside continual addition?

(1) flexible language writing

It is you to not be good at writing, for the website, also should try hard go writing, even if write bad, also should slowly rise, writing skill is the catenary outside can increasing not only, more important is to make your individual thinking more rational and nimble, hold to everyday, send the article such doorsill inferior website or on forum, pass next a series of reprint behavior, the addition of catenary is to have what assure certainly outside.

(2) the individual character autograph of forum

Can search a few with your website similar style and index of person energy of life compare tall forum, after registering a member, install individual character sign, make your article has fixed issuance on one hand place, take out time of a hour to undertake an a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender technically everyday on the other hand

(3) exchange is linked and stand group

Station group a be professional SEO fixed resource, and the following style more and more the SEO group that apt has resource so, if you do not have a station group, know a few stationmaster more, much trade nods a link.

Increase of 2. discharge ceaselessly

If want to rank stability, also need increases the flow of the website ceaselessly as the rank of the website, but of the rank rise to often be mixed of discharge rise and do not become direct ratio, so, we pass link discharge with respect to need, flexible language discharge, guide discharge, the much bell respect such as advertisement discharge will undertake the follow-up of discharge.

Of 3. content update and achieve formerly

Maintain everyday the thing that updating is an anguish, but it is indispensable really, and the development as the website, be being achieved formerly also is must, so, write an article to be achieved formerly besides oneself outside, the education to keeping a hand is gotten with what achieve an article formerly, it is the key of website operation, proposal: Open user contribute system

Be in so hind SEO times, so called those technologies had been not costly, want to raise a rank, must undertake hard in a lot of respects, want to master a skill adroitly not only, can basic page is made, the program is written, write an article even, make friend, work hard, unremitting, such behavior, it is the individual can become independent not just susceptive, the group of SEO is changed and resource changes affirmation is the tendency that develops later, and of individual SEO downfallen also be inevitable, , hind the result of SEO times, it is one popularizes SEO knowledge, overmatch jumps over strong development process.