Health Yi article: Excellent processing technique uncovers problem of of all kinds SEO greatly secret

Core clew: Anhui Internet is allied ( stationmaster lecture the 13rd period, china of home’s famous article of SEO expert Kang Yi searchs sale industry promising young person, differentiate for Chinese SEO grade.

Health Yi article established to Shanghai hears search sale company easily and hold the position of CEO 2007, be good at considering to search engine sale and website to optimize a technology with experimental means, be willing to share experience, writing style is straightaway.

Yi Wen: Everybody is good, I am the health Yi article of SEO lab, the Kyw that sees on the net is me. Go last the center party of old K Hefei makes a speech, discharge me in very from the back, my of lane time is very nervous, can say this more a bit: ) I was not in basically QQ group had told a class, what should tell is bad, brother are much advise.

Enter subject, what should share today is: " the processing of SEO common problem " . Today basically is to be aimed at a few common problems, the means that uses case undertakes explaining. This second main with the settlement of SEO problem train of thought is given priority to, train of thought was clear about, encountered a problem to won’t do not know how to start. Today 1 hour of lecture, in the process that; of half hours of interlocution explains, do not interrupt please, group the person is quite much, do not want cloggy other visit a class as far as possible. I tell a paragraph, can ask everybody understanding is done not have, this moment can quiz.

Arrange the content that should say today and common SEO issue first:

1.Collect drop, this problem is held out actually complex, because every website situation is different

2.The rank drops to cent rank drops here and be ranked disappear 2 kinds of circumstances.

3.Talk the penalty that searchs engine and processing way. (GG and Baidu have)

4.To the processing technique of similar page, this also is the biggest question that the influence collects.

5.Communicate time (interlocution) .

[collect descendent analysis and processing]

1 drop how many?

Drop less, for instance: From 50 thousand drop 40 thousand, it is normal that this is belonged to.

If drop at a draught 40% above, that has some of problem basically namely, just need to seek an account at that time.

Of course, this 40% , it is the experience of my individual.

2.Collect on the net drop, it is individual phenomenon, still make substance appearance.

It is my website dropped, very much still website dropped.

This can communicate through be in SEO forum commonly be informed, also can dog with software of course observe a lot of websites.

I observe with software.

Next Baidu say here with new cycle, baidu is general and weekly 3 or Zhou Si, can have small newer, the; that is not large area of course is by the month or lunar head, meet those who have larger area update. Of course, update, be updated every week, this sees the weight of the website.

To more important website, for instance, commercial value is in, I feel to be built with respect to him need collect the mechanism that dog.

Here takes give an example, say how I undertake dogging.


Here can see, the website includes a few such columns

We see the URL structure of the website

Home page /

Domestic airline ticket / Guonei/

International airline ticket / Guoji/

Hotel / Hotel/

Business affairs travels / Shangwu/

Tourist attraction / Jingdian/

We need to dog respectively of URL collect a circumstance

Dog whole station Site:

This everybody is met, but we also should dog even catalog apart

Here wants to command with Inurl

Dog Site of catalog of domestic airline ticket: Inurl:gUonei

Dog Site of catalog of international airline ticket: Inurl:gUoji

Dog hotel catalog

Here recommends next lot that I use all the time to collect observation software: SiteDust

Download address: / Soft/7/287/2009/2009030615879.html

I am used everyday almost, the website of observation is much, have a feeling to Baidu.

The catalog that observes every website collects a circumstance, this lets him client write a program.

Can accomplish with Site Inurl very detailed collect dog

Should collect when dropping, you can look dog data, find what page by take out

Such you seek an issue in these pages.

Searching engine also can identify catalog.

If initial stage begins to operate, what you also can discover what content is collected is fast, what what is collected is slow.

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