Handle SEO simply, the website that gives you brings benefit

Before this, we had spoken of an enterprise ought to making full use of oneself enterprise website this topic, here, emphasize, it is foreign trade enterprise not merely, so the utility of the enterprise website that intranet stands to ought to reconsider his. Today, we discuss here, how to pass simple SEO processing, make our company product, or relevant key word can have very good natural rank.

Explain simply, so called simple SEO processing, it is to point to:
1, the Title of enterprise website is written reasonable and the regulation that did not violate search engine;
2, whether do the Keywords of the website and Discripation have write, whether to write the standard is reasonably;
3, whether does the picture of company product have add Alt label;
4, the to company product overview that whether can clarity see on the website;
5, the each page that opens a website, whether can arrive of the website other any pages;
Etc, we say first today in front a few mentioned problems.

Above all, the Title of a website is the most important, the user is in the first times of the website that sees you when, can know your website is the product that makes what property probably, can know, what does your website do to use, a good Title meets those who had had conduct action.
With respect to the rich settle or live in a strange place that takes me: (do not want to look for other website temporarily. . . )

Everybody is in when opening, can know clearly at 2 o’clock: The first, this is individual rich guest of Chen Libo; The 2nd, each respect that the property of this rich guest is concerned SEO and SEM discusses, share. After seeing this, everybody can take the went seeing me at 2 o’clock rich settle or live in a strange place above this, have want to go the psychology of test and verify, meet the purposeful rich objective that goes visitting me.
Again for say Keywords and Discripation. These two things become the basis of SEO namely before all the time. When everybody is searching a certain website, searching the information that the user shows on engine basically is these two things most, say for the rich settle or live in a strange place that takes me again. .

The search above is the result that searchs Chen Libo on Google as a result. Need not I say, what does the settle or live in a strange place of this person rich that knows me become to use, this is the description of the Discripation in page of my rich guest:

Told Google thoroughly the news of my rich guest so.

Everybody knows, enterprise website basically is to show a product most, but we are showing the fellow worker of the product, still more important thing wants to do: The enterprise website that passes us namely brings profit to our enterprise. But, product more than 1, the picture on the website is much also, search engine does not like the webpage with much picture. But, our enterprise website has to show a product again, especially the website of foreign trade enterprise. Below such circumstance, the picture that we can get on to the webpage does some of processing, add ALT label namely. I do not take out example here.
There are pair of one websites of Duan Xiaoxiao to have the character of the overview on the website, the search rank that this stands to foreign trade intranet is very helpful, resemble the website below:

The website of the industry of a foreign trade that we serve is above, such very clear users that told us and search engine, in major webpage the circumstance that is a picture falls, more helpful.
We are in the each page of the website when, want as far as possible another pages that can arrive at us to want to go in this page, this says simply is increase a website inside link, this also has very great help to our search rank, this tells it a such news: Our website is linked very cheek by jowl.

To enterprise website, doing these simple processing is not tickler. Particularly right for foreign trade enterprise, handle so, it is to the help of the rank of our website greatly.