Had written and maintain accurate yuan sign makes Gu Ge great find you

If you can have been written,mix keep yuan of exact number (for example, descriptive sex caption and the information that provide to search a robot) , google is OK the well and truly crawl, website that you show in index and searching a result. Yuan mark is carried for various clients (for example browser and search engine) provide information. Remember please, each client end may be only analytic yuan of helpful to this client end sign, and oversight other yuan of mark (although they have other use) .

Google is below how yuan of mark of page of analytic and the following HTML:

< ! DOCTYPE ><head>

<title of cookbook of chaffy dish of cheese of <title> traditional Switzerland>Google uses this number, website administrator should special attention its accuracy
<meta Name=description C>Google uses this number, our search can show it as a result
<meta Name=revisit-after C>Google does not use this number, engine of other and main search also is not used
<META Name=verify-v1 C />Optional, tool of Google network manager is used come here mark
<meta Name=GoogleBot C>Optional


<meta Name=description C>

This mark offerred pair of current pages a brief characterization. Below a lot of circumstances this description can regard a page as the summary (Snippet) in showing the search result in Google. How does the article that the detail consults our rich guest article uses yuan of better description to improve page summary and help center please change the caption of the website and description. Although describe yuan of number,be optional, and won’t affect the rank to you, a good description can produce a better page summary, this can help the amount of the person that visit of the searchs result quality and you webpage that raises us again conversely.

</title> of <title> page headline

Tell from the technology, caption mark is not yuan of mark, it often is used together with Description mark. The content of this mark (namely caption) show commonly in searching a result (of course, page headline also can see when when the user use browser browses a webpage or looking carefully at bookmark) . Our rich guest article is aimed at the person that visit, be still aimed at search engine? Make full use of especially the more information that labels at caption is concerned in webpage caption.

<meta Name=robots C>
<meta Name=googlebot C>

These engine of yuan of mark control search how capture and index page. Robots yuan the regulation that mark appoints applies to all search engine, googlebot yuan the regulation that mark appoints applies to Google only. Google is understandable the following value (when should assigning many values, with comma general they part) :
Noindex: Prevent a webpage to be indexed (see use yuan of mark intercept or delete a webpage)Nofollow: The catenary fetch that does not carry current page is searched and the webpage with new capture (also see use yuan of mark intercept or delete a webpage)Nosnippet: When current page shows in searching a result, do not show page summary (see prevent to show or delete page summary)Noodp: When producing caption or page summary for this page, do not use project of open mode catalog (renown Dmoz.org) medium text (the title that how changes a website and description to see? Do not use project of open mode catalog (renown Dmoz.org) medium text (the title that how changes a website and description to see?? Noarchive: Showing this webpage at search result is medium, do not show snapshot of a webpage is linked (see the webpage that prevent to show or deletes cache)Unavailable_after:[Date] : ?

Omit when you this labels completely or appoint C when you when, acquiescent regulation is Index, follow. Use Robots yuan concern in mark at Robots yuan the more information of mark. Explain as, you also can be in now your page head ministry passes instruction of head of X-Robots- label HTTP to appoint this one information. This is particularly useful, when the blame HTML file that considers fine tuning capture and PDF of index such as, picture or other type when you especially.

<meta Name=google Value=notranslate>

The content that realises a page when us is not the insitute of language that may want to read with the user when writing, we often offer to link the webpage with translating you automatically in searching a result. Generally speaking, this makes you organic can be offerred give a broader user with admirable content distinctly group. Nevertheless, below specific situation, you may not think your webpage is translated. Use this yuan of mark, you can show you do not want to let Google provide a link that translates this page. This yuan of rank that mark does not affect this page to be any specific languages commonly. More information consult Google translates common problem to solve please.

<meta Name=verify-v1 C>

This is tool of manager of website of a Google is specific yuan of mark, it is the high-level page that is used in your website, what check a website in order to be in website administrator is possessory (another kind checks a method is to upload file of a HTML) . How is the C that you label for this place is installed passed add yuan of mark to come to the middle of website homepage website of test and verify?

<meta Http-equiv=Content-Type C>

Yuan of content kind that mark defines this page and this character set. Use this yuan of mark is time, the value of Content attribute must be put in the; in quote otherwise character attribute may be understood by the mistake. If you decide to use this yuan of mark, need not say, what you should ensure your content is used actually is designation character set. The network author of Google has a few interesting data about this use of yuan of mark in statistic.

<meta Http-equiv=refresh C>

This yuan mark is after proper time the user how-to to a new URL, sometimes it is used to weigh directional form simply as a kind. Either all browsers support this to plant heavy directional. It is likely also and promiscuous user. Searching the some page in engine result to showing, if you need to change its URL, we suggest you use a server to carry 301 heavy directional. In addition, the webpage content legibility of W3C 2 its rows are in skill and breakdown guideline in the mark that should be discarded.

(X)HTML and size are written

Google can read yuan of sign of HTML type already, yuan of sign that also can read XHTML form (no matter the webpage is used, is which kinds of encode) . In addition, yuan the big small letter of mark is common not important- – we <TITLE>It is same that And <title> is regarded. But, verify-v1 yuan mark is an exception, it is divisional big the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral.

The Lastmod of Revisit-after website map and Changefreq label

Now and then, network manager included Revisit-after mark needlessly to make the creep speed that prop up in order to expedite a search, unfortunate is, this it is uncared-for that the circumstance leaves yuan of mark great majority. If you think engine of all alone letting search knows you change the message of the page, you can refer the website map of format of a XML. In this file, you can show you to revise date of the website finally (the change frequency of Lastmod) and URL page (Changefreq) .