Had held to spend what search in the light of Baidu with the quantity to optimize summary

I write a thing to like commonly without preamble, gibberish does not say, this is a thing that when wanting to spend the New Year last year, writes in the company, to the company editor and employee look.

One, the search of Baidu ranks a principle:

Did a few tests, the rank of Baidu has the following regulation roughly orderly:

1. Famous site

2. Allied member

3. Be not commercial site

4. The newer time of the page


1. How is searching a program to decide a website is famous site? I want to concern with the following elements probably:

A. Of the site collect an amount. Say like place, the person money with much money is increasing, collect much station increasing also.

B. The exterior link of the site. Namely Baidu so called Web exceeds catenary to analyse a way, with Google same also, the PR of Google is worth namely exterior join, pr is taller, that is to say, google feels your station gets the welcome of others, valuable also in the search. Individual viewpoint: Say exterior join is more on the truth, what collect possibly is more, faster, what although this viewpoint is in,actually body comes out now is not apparent.

C. The visit of the site is measured. It is to say namely, flow is larger, collect more, this are open to question, industry thinks the discharge of rank and website has nothing to do commonly, but whether is the search can be judged with this famous site.

2. The explanation of member site. Basically point to a few partners of Baidu, of Tomqq and so on, search alliance namely next, a few embezzle the program of Baidu database also is met benefit from association with sb or sth, for instance the program of net person, and Playcomputer this famous cogged site. This we are not used temporarily.

3. The problem that ranks because of contest price it seems that, baidu is very chilly to commercial site, but to information kind site support is very good, basically reflect go up in news.

4. Page root new time, baidu very care about this, also be, search engine cannot discharge the page before a wh what month in very the position before leaning.

5. Have an experience that compares an individual: Search engine stands newly to updating generous and chilly, stay in Ctrl+C especially, the site of Ctrl+V, so the editor is in the following job, what should notice content is former achieve a gender. (achieve formerly to search engine, not be the thing that says oneself are written, say to change original partial content however, especially caption, had better be to change, had better be to go directly on Baidu search that caption, search is less than same title best)

Attention: But have a problem, can so go looking, home gets the person that search engine optimizes, it is to get Google rank, google is optimized, nobody dare do Baidu optimize a rank, the artificial interpose sex that the reason is Baidu is very strong, machine again how fierce well-regulated still, and the person’s thinking does not have regulation, so we rely on to without giving thought to,be searched how, cannot offend angry it. Stick in Baidu e.g. us in hair post, or Baidu knows li of hair card, must notice effectiveness.

2, how does the website optimize in the light of Baidu:

Baidu is forbidden use optimize a method to raise website rank. The most important is the content of the website, but, saying is so say, what can do still is to be able to be done, that is to say, we do not go to what what our do thinking is to optimize, do content really however.

It is a few is considered as to optimize by Baidu methods that I sum up below:

1. Title, it is a when decide a rank very main factor. The editor that this says before me namely should notice caption. Of course Baidu is not idiocy, it is met the writes the content inside law and content and page to judge your place to write Title according to Title is true Title.

E.g. , our caption is incident of marriage of sex character of 6 years of 10 big burst, incident of marriage of sex character of 6 years of 10 big burst is inside Title that is to say, we should be understandable arrive, the key word that this caption may be searched should be: Proof marriage, it is marriage incident, OK to ask for reappear to be asked for now again inside the content of news marriage, collect marriage event these two words, but what should notice to carry article sentence is clear and coherent. One when this says before namely actually repeats a keyword, although come next,Baidu feels disgusted very much to this kind of practice, but wanting what do not make it apparent to see you only is sedulous so do, in be being operated actually can so do, individual keyword does not exceed reduplicative 10 times, OK.

2. The Description in Meta reachs Keyword. N repeats to all over with different form in Keyworld and key word of Description lieutenant general, this does not have advantage to any search engine, general Google you can repeat 3-4 to all over with different form, this to Google it is a very friendly clew, but to Baidu, make great effort to maintain all over in 2-3 inside, should write into as far as possible in Description longer sentence, reduce key word thereby the density in Description.

3. The page optimizes a problem.

Be aimed at Baidu for, avoid by all means is in the page is the most topmost or any positions dash forward show key word. This word should be united in wedlock the a bitth fine fine savour, that is to say, want to increase keyword density appropriately, but cannot highlight a keyword again. This word does the talent of the station to know only, different person can have different experience, also can have different means of settlement.

For instance we need a keyword: Little game.

This station is online little game, collect domestic and international handpick little game, include classical little game, flash little game, reach little game download, contain do laugh at kind of little game, shoot kind of little game, lie fallow kind of game, confuse you all sorts of little game such as little game, welcome to this station online little game.

Such description in Google at least of engine of other perhaps Chinese can get 80-90 is divided, but Baidu, be 0; No matter you are written how clear and coherently, the result is sealed very likely namely.

4. Key word:

Update oneself website every day, this is very important, but if just be updated, do not go on key word. Of course, key word and doing content is to have very big concern, when adding content e.g. us, we did not think of that may become key word, but it is key word, it is we do not know only just, search engine to be able to know.

But if was clear about inside him heart, that is better to our job begin. This wants to say namely, what is key word? What is popular key word? How to find right key word?

(1) what is key word? Go up in the network any term is key word, the pivotal rate that just says this key word (oneself invent) , also can make popular pitch. Can look from a list of names posted up of search wind and cloud of Baidu, resemble running run pass outside calorie of Ding Che, Cai Yilin, Wu Lin, perfume poisonous, Buddha is to originally, game name, star name, teleplay name, song name, resemble beautiful funny, recreation is key word, key word also is a term not merely, long also calculate, e.g. undergraduate second wife, the hooter’s photograph is, that is to say, if others may use what it will search,be word it may not be a bad idea without giving thought to only, word it may not be a bad idea, sentential it may not be a bad idea, it is key word.

(2) how to find right key word?

This problem is very general actually. Because do not have what the person dare affirm to say, the key word that oneself think is best, the key word Baidu that oneself do can be collected certainly, the machine has regularity, but also have random sex, with etc element, see your lot even even.

But having a bit can be abided by, that fathoms the psychology of your potential client carefully namely, imagine the keyword that may use most when the information that they concern in inquiry and you. Here the potential client that is to say of respecting, will search the person that inside Shanghaiguan of our website photograph holds from Baidu, the meaning that does not know me says to be clear about.

For instance the editor is in when adding content, because be the thing that you add, you know to basically be what to tell in content, can list the key word that appears possibly come, need not fear listed keyword will be too much, contrary the keyword that you find is more, the user covers a range bigger also, single out first-rate keyword more likely also from which. E.g. star archives, the name of the star in star archives is first key word for certain, because of others search thing when may be the achievement that the name that knew this star searchs him next most, detailed data is waited a moment.

3, the Baidu a few penalty to optimizing behavior measure:

Be aimed at Baidu, not be to optimize better more absolutely, a very outstanding Google optimizes division, call him to optimize the word of the website in the light of Baidu, be banned probably by Baidu namely, this has a lot of precedent.

A lot of people say Baidu without reason seals a station, feel disgusted very much to Baidu even, but you must admit, the discharge source with a the biggest website is a search. And actually, baidu is the measure that has his, everybody is not neuropathic, say to seal seal, he seals a station also have a reason. Summed up, have the following kinds probably:

1, content is cogged. If incorporate is in inside region of caption region, the Keywords of Meta, Description, picture Alt region, text wait for a place, perhaps be done and carry the literal keyword of scenery likeness on the back, repeat load one’s writing with fancy phrases in great quantities relevant not relevant perhaps keyword. No matter whether can the user see, uniform regard content as cogged. If keyword and webpage content are relevant, do fall authority processing; If not relevant, uniform screen.

2, the link is cogged. Make misinterpret link name intentionally (regard a link as the name with Mp3 for instance, point to) of website of ring of a mobile phone, perhaps make in great quantities point to specific page or website link, perhaps become mutual link to pile webpage, all be regarded as a link cogged. To afore-mentioned cogged behavior, in principle is right webpage of all experience case or the website does screen processing.

3, heavy directional and cogged. With script or Frame form jumps the user from a page forcibly turn another with before the page of page content wide of the mark, be regarded as to weigh directional and cogged. Store the website of heavy directional and cogged page and the purpose website that are directed will do screen processing.

The mainest is the a bitth, also be very difficult master a bit what spend. Specific also do not know how to say, notice two a large number of says words.

4, sum up:

1, Title is very important, end arrives for our website, it is the caption of a page, that is to say the caption that the caption of news perhaps downloads, for the angle that from search index props up, it is we want a consideration when adding content, the thing that we add should allow others to search, so we should reflect a keyword, it is others wherewith term comes to the likelihood search this content.

2, content and Title want correspondence. Nude daughter bit cannot be kept in caption, but inside content the word of star of a nude daughter is done not have, this meeting increases difficulty to search engine, it does not know your caption is true. Want the proper keyword that highlights us in content so.

3, but be aimed at Baidu for, what we cannot do the keyword again is too outstanding, a station of Baidu it is factitious. To Google. No matter how be optimized, basic nonexistent banned likelihood, but Baidu is different.

4, search index props up everything is to be aimed at key word, this is a spent question, also be the problem of a method, experience slowly only. It is right that whats we judge only from inside the result, what should be improved.

OK. The article is duplicate end, a few months passes when knowing, whether to return useful, feel the everybody that still goes can communicate together. My QQ:87538297.