Had done the following your keyword can have very good rank

A lot of people should ask, how to raise the rank of the keyword, the rank that raises a keyword actually is not the thing of in one day. A few methods that I sum up are below, if you decide do these became good, so your rank should not differ.

One, the addition of the keyword in webpage content.

The keyword appears in 1.URL (English, chinese phoneticize also has certain effect)

The keyword appears in label of 2. webpage caption, keyword, description label

The key word here wants occurrence nature, do not want key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases.

Occurrence keyword of the nature in 3. content

Can very natural add on a few key word.

4. content appears the first paragraph with last paragraphs keyword

The bottom of the coping of the webpage and webpage appears a few key word are pretty good, can see this website.

5.H1, the keyword appears in H2 label

6. derives the keyword is included in linking anchorage text

The file name of 7. picture includes a keyword, the keyword appears in ALT attribute

ALT attribute wants to be used well, also be helpful for a rank.

2-8% of 8. keyword density (have different view this)

I think general 3% the left and right sides is beautiful. Different of course station has diverse demand.

9. increases thick or inclined put oneself in another’s position to the keyword

10. has comment function, the keyword appears in the comment

2, guide link and anchorage text add

Of site of value of 1. tall PR guide link

2. content is relevant of the page guide link

3. guides page keyword is included in linking anchorage text

In content of webpage of consist in of 4. anchorage text

Relevant keyword appears all round 5. anchorage text

6. guides the link is put in 3 months above

7. guides the link is in a page derive the link is little at 100

Actually general page derives the link cannot go to 100.

8. guides the link comes from different IP address

9. guides link accrue

Diversification of 10. anchorage text

3, the quality of website content and newer frequency

The content that 1. achieves formerly is optimal, the content that avoid by all means is reprinted for many times

Here says, do not reprint certainly do not collect.

2. content independent character, with other page different of at least 30% each other

Opposite sex of this each other wants him to sum up a method in practice.

3. reasonable section

4. has the rule to update, had better be everyday

Update an article to be able to let a spider leave good impression everyday.

Author: Ma Anlong thanks Heibei SEO () deliver is shared