Guest of Wuhan SEO rich: The website rebuilds how to be protected already had a rank

Recently, guest of Wuhan SEO rich receives website of a friend to rebuild, rebuilding purpose is to achieve better performance. What do before him is the industry website of a mainland of Wuhan, do not know what SEO is previously east. Accordingly, the first uses SEO namely train of thought that should do will ponder over new website to appear with what new form. Include to devise website structure, arrangement with SEO thinking website content and those who read an user is friendly degree. Want correcting hind when the website nevertheless, want to consider those who maintain original website to have a rank already, especially a few important keywords are ranked. What search index props up pair of websites is newer very sensitive, change smally, although make up to the webpage, dress up dress up, can cause very big rank change.

The website rebuilds no more than has 2 objectives. The first, to make a website more absorbing, keep newer degree. The 2nd, promote a website the show in the search. Between this both, we need to be main goal with the 2nd purpose, first is achieved on this foundation. Advocate because do not have a rank as a result without the search,be, be admired without the rank without the person. Are we analysed below why?

Actually every website is changed should a doorsill serves as measure the rate that changes rate. This measure, searching engine year how is can knowing without the person decided. It is probably 5% , what won’t 10% have to be affected significantly, but more than one certainty ratio, the spider can examine this website afresh.

Because the spider won’t see this website with the person’s eye, it is the way that feels an elephant with a blind person goes experiencing a website purely. The memory previously is according to Cache (cache) the form will store. Every visit the spider a website wants the department collect this website the information of each respect is hand-in-hand make component all right, if your website is fluctuant and acuteness, it gave carefully observation what business.
So how bigger limit ground reduces a risk?

The first, decided what old webpage to obtain good rank in searching engine above all. These content had been put in searching engine to have good rank, with respect to continue to use or content changes less as far as possible.

The 2nd, do not change original website structure and webpage to name as far as possible. Like the structure that comes as expected and name go against search engine, it is need change for a short while. Reservation alls alone to search engine gets used to a structure advantageously so, although of the webpage showed form and content to pass change, search engine or can find a webpage according to former road, be collected quickly and replace old memory. The play network of my company is in Baidu such, go replacing the content previously slowly.

The 3rd, inside the period of time after new website is published, continue to withhold old website structure and content, do not want the cancel on the horse. In old website, build appropriate catenary to receive new webpage, guide search engine to reach new place. If original webpage is abandaned, do a 404 webpages to avoid to search engine to encounter vacuum immediately. Important webpage, be about to enable 301 permanent turn to new website. Next I am about to experiment 301 turn to the influence to a website.

The 4th, best method uses the XML site map of Google to tell Google your website is updated namely.

The 5th, you need to know, when your website is updating a lot of content, perhaps change a structure very acuteness later, search engine should spend more time possibly to observe the website that analyses you.

The associated sex between the content that search engine needs to estimate you and original content, link the associated sex between, and new content of so much has what kind of contribution and effect to website theme. The website of my friend is in before is to write the website about Wuhan IT news, obtained very good rank at that time, PR value also was obtained 4. Change content into the website of a little game later, the search is collected very quickly and maintain original structure, but after spending period of time, search new collected content is entire take out, just increase index to measure slowly to last month all the time, examine be as long as of half an year long. See a spider or compare intelligence, can differentiate give the motive of stationmaster. So everybody had better not be done so again.

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