Gu Ge searchs engine to optimize the nine foundation problem about the link

Straight so far, a lot of site managers know Google ranks link popularity to spend only (the link is counted) it is a when obtain search engine high rank all in all element. But do you know, some Google rank a link not only the rank that cannot promote a website quite, can you bring serious negative effect to the rank however instead?

The importance in linking number to be ranked in Google made the emerge as the times require that links a program. Program of such as LinksToYou, etc. You had used in case now such program, so you should sit firm, because I have,the bad news should tell you.

How do linking a program work?

In program of a link, among them every member uploads to arrive a certain number of the page comes its site, these uploading there is chain in the page the link to site of member of the other in this program.

Why cannot this kind of link raise your Google rank?

Main Google rank searchs engine to be able to be aware of program of this kind of link, among them most search engine offerred corresponding automatic processing program to keep clear of same page. Although this kind of link is ranked to search engine to admit by a certain Google, this kind of link is unavailable also the power worth that comparative.

The business that how strangles you is linking a program?

The search engine Google with the most popular whole world is in the second half of the year 2000, the site that begins methodical to index to its those use link program in the site undertakes permanent delete. Altavista also developed a similar cleared program, make this order temporary as a result of a few problems that produce recently nevertheless still cannot carry out.

Doesn’t the handlers that links a program know these?

They know of course, do not cross this and do not hamper they continue to sell its product and outspread business. This also knows just like nicotian company cigarette is harmful to human body, but still continue to sell its product. I dare assure they can flatter to the utmost the advantage of its product, undertake explaining with this.

If had used this kind of program, how should do?

Above all, instantly from your site lieutenant general all pages that include this program keep clear of; next, cleared and all the link; that this program establishs in the other page in your site is final, if possible sentence, stop your member qualification on this program to begin to establish a few lawful links next.