Gu Ge " search engine optimizes a guideline " add Nofollow attribute for the link

Add Nofollow attribute for the link

The certain link that adds Nofollow to be able to tell Google your website for the Rel property value of a link does not allow to be dogged or share your credit. Do not dog the practice of a link is Rel=nofollow is added in the anchorage label of the link.

When you link a webpage, if distrust can try Nofollow when it or the reputation that do not want to share you.

And below what circumstance Nofollow is useful? If you have a rich settle or live in a strange place that permits public comment, if a few links in the comment allow the word that feels very uncomfortable when your examine and verify, so they can share the fame of your website probably. The comment area of rich guest is the place that generates rubbish comment the most easily. The link in preventing these rubbish to leave a message can let you avoid suffer work laboriously to earn the fame that come to be divided up by these rubbish websites. Package of software of guest of a lot of rich added Nofollow automatically for the comment, but one those are done not have compositive the website of this function is OK the hand moves an editor it.

Of course this proposal also allows an user to refer content area to the other of your website applicable, leave a message for example this, box of growl of forum, growl, referenced list is waited a moment. If you had checked the link that a few tripartite adds (e.g. a certain observer it is you are dependable) , what did not add Nofollow is necessary; If you pointed to Google,consider as rubbish the reputation that the link of the station affects your him website very likely of course. And what website administrator helps a center more is commented on about preventing rubbish is small stick person, be piled up like use test and verify and enable comment examine and verify.

Observer of a rubbish is stuck in our news in left a message, think derive the fame of our website.