Gu Ge repeats 10 proposals of content about the website

Recently, search engine strategy conference to be held in cold Chicago. A lot of cereal song participants always are asked about the problem about repeating content. To this topic, we discover a lot of broken and a little confused understanding. We want to give here clear.

Recently, search engine strategy conference to be held in cold Chicago. A lot of cereal song participants always are asked about the problem about repeating content. To this topic, we discover a lot of broken and a little confused understanding. We want to give here clear.

What is content repeats?

Reduplicative content is to point to commonly in the identical or similar content with the many existence between different domain name. A lot of moment, it is not intended or do not have ill will originally at least. For example says, some forum can generate the article of a few page; shop that are mobile phone screen only to be shown to be in (it is to be linked even sometimes) on a variety of different URL, etc. But some moment, a few websites search engine to rank to operate, the visit that obtains more popularity or long end inquiry is measured, abundantly duplicates from other website content.

What is to repeat content?

Although cereal song website has the interpreter function that just uses easily, our algorithm won’t regard the English edition that having identical content and Spanish article edition content is duplicate. Same, you need not worry about us your article is medium of small to other article part cite maintain to repeat content.

Care of what cereal song repeats content?

What when cereal song user uses Google, hope to see diversification normally is former achieve content. If they are found, is content identical one caboodle searchs a result, can infer is how bored then. Additional, is website administrator willing to see Google gives out elephantine The URL with euqally complex Value=shorty-george〈=en. They often prefer the URL of similar

What did Gu Ge do?

Google is mixed in capture webpage when achieving search result, strive indexes and always show the page with different content. This kind filters mean, for example says, if your website has,the normal edition of the article is mixed the edition that print, and you are done not have in Robots.txt set Noindex labels, gu Ge can choose a version to show cereal song user only. Duplicate to attempting to use content will hold dominate a rank, cheat a few circumstance of cereal song user, we can are opposite the index of relevant page and rank are made adjust appropriately. Of course, filtering and we are willing to put the emphasis more is not the rank is adjusted go up accordingly, below great majority circumstance, the person that worst result is achieved formerly namely saw the version that does not wish to see appears in our index.

How does website administrator handle content actively duplicate problem?

Prevent search engine to visit appropriately: The algorithm that lets us with its will decide the optimal version of a file, you perhaps hope how-to Gu Ge chooses your first selection version. For example says, if you do not think we index the printing edition of your website article, you can be written in the Robots.txt file in you on catalog name or criterion expression comes to those Gu Ge is right printing prohibit the capture of edition.

Use 301 heavy directional: If you had reframed your website, use in the.htaccess of your former website please 301 heavy directional (permanent heavy directional) will weigh directional reptile of your user, Google, search engine spider to wait with etc.

The link should agree: Make your in-house link maintains consistent; not to have already hard / Page/ , have again / Page and / the in-house link of Page/index.htm

Use top class domain name: Always use the most appropriate file version to let us, use the top class domain name with specific country as far as possible please. Compare with the URL photograph of such as or, gu Ge is affirmative more know is the content that is core with Dewen clearly.

The combination of type offers careful syndicate civil: If you are the content that you also provide on other website, include to answer the link of textual chapter repeatedly in the article of each other website please. Attention: Even if such, to an inquiry, gu Ge always shows we consider as what suit most (not by website illicit) version, it may be, also not be the version that you want likely.

The function of first selection region of tool of manager of website of use cereal song: If other website link uses Www version to use the version that does not have Www again already when your URL, you can use tool of manager of cereal song website to let us know you want way of which kinds of index.

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Avoid to release without content page: ? The Huang that do not have Р not calf blows litter big and thick to guide bursa of You of oath a surname takes the advantage of Ren of acenaphthene of collate of × of Jin R  to occupy Yuan Kang of Kou field R? of ⒉ of grey  of  of  of settleclear  of  of die young  or should prevent at least) comment on a webpage without what comment on, the estate enumerate website that perhaps does not have estate list. Only such, website user (and Google reptile) just won’t see boundless be being written more is to be in below [some city name] in cannot miss need the list that rent a house but the webpage that does not have what list at all actually.

The content that understands you runs a system: How does the website that ensures you are familiar with you show content, included rich settle or live in a strange place when it especially, forum, or relevant system. Often same in these systems content can appear with a variety of forms.

Not afraid, keep happy: Suffer claw not overly (divert and reprint) the interference of your content site. Although very aggravating, they are in almost impossibly to you the existence in Gu Ge produces negative effect. If you are driven beyond forbearance really, welcome you to put forward millennium copyright proposed law to apply for to state the droit of the content to you. We can handle those blackguardly websites.

Anyhow, if you allow duplicate problem to have a general knowledge internally, can spend on a few minutes to have insight land again preventive the website that safeguards you, this will help you already, also help us provide distinctive and relevant content for the user.