Gu Ge optimizes a rank to nod threefold: Caption link and keyword

Core clew: The webpage that wants to optimize you in the light of Google and undertake corresponding promotion works, must understanding Google above all evaluate a website to be worth to the rank of a certain specific keyword with what regulation.

1.Keyword density

The keyword appears inside caption besides need, still need to appear with certain frequency inside whole webpage. You need to be in content of caption, paragraph, (of literal content) the keyword is arranged inside the Comment ticket that label of page head and page end, Alt does not show even. These keywords are not certainly, however the term related a group of height. To Google, the analysis shows, need inside the homepage 7% to the keyword density of 10% . Additional, according to the research of Addweb, the frequency that the keyword appears inside the homepage is 8 it is advisable to arrive 10 times.

2.Webpage Title

Searching engine choose a website through the keyword, and the caption of the website is the main destination that searchs engine to search a keyword – it is OK that you pass the search result that analyses Google very discover this clearly. Accordingly, of the website that you must decide you above all advocate keyword (general and OK make choice of 1 to 5) , go in the Title that reflects the keyword the webpage next. Remember, title label does not exceed 40 character.

Besides show the Title ticket in browser top, the literal caption inside webpage main body also often has very big effect, one is contained advocate the H1 of the keyword, / the caption of H1 format also can have very big effect to the rank of the webpage. This caption besides H1, / had better be to do not have outside H1 label any Font definition. Nevertheless, reality is most person for the page beautiful do not be willing to be done so.

3.The link is spent extensively

Domestic somebody interpret makes a link be spent extensively, it is Google uses judge the main measure of the value of a website. We know to there is the PageRank staff guage of a green on Google toolbar, spend extensively with the link that will indicate a website namely. PageRank is worth from 0 to 10. The link here includes website interior link, go out to link and enter a link repeatedly repeatedly, among them the most important is to enter a link repeatedly. The quality that through statistic these link and amount come to Google to the website decide PageRank is worth, the cost is ranked higher taller also. After accordingly the website has been built, you need to throw many time and energy to acquire many exterior link, come from PageRank to be worth the link of taller website especially.

Say commonly, if the PageRank value of a website is 4 to the word of 6, explain this website had obtained pretty good visit to if arrived,measure; 7 above, no matter the specification is the quality from the website arrives famous degree very outstanding.

Of course, you must take care when increasing keyword density, want to use certain skill, is not dinkum keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases, otherwise you may be adjudicated to be by Google cogged and be punished.