Gu Ge: Give a few goes easily simply a lunar month of 29 days of business affairs website to discuss

Core clew: No matter be,be the guest discharge that hopes to add hypostatic store, the it is main to behave whole to you business to plan to have effect of your website. These a lunar month of 29 days are discussed below, do not need simply to spend what money again already, can produce very large force however.

Ensure your website is collected by Gu Ge (and appear in search result page)

Use Site: Operator [] do the content summary in checking search result and page headline look to the user are they accurate and have descriptive sex? The different content that contains to reflect each webpage place well and truly, below good case, each caption and summary should be distinctive. If have which among them not complete or if you want to know more detail, the content in tool of the member that can use website government analyses a tool to undertake an analysis. Which a few network address that over you can see a website go up show reduplicative caption or yuan explain (Meta Descriptions) .

Accurate label your picture

Must not miss potential client please! Good because of Alt text and the file name that depict a sex can help the our better picture that comprehends you. Ensure please you already will [001.jpg] the file name that does not have descriptive sex so completely changes a few more accurate be like [NintendoWii.jpg] such file name. Picture search is one of Gu Ge’s biggest search attribute, you should use it well as far as possible.

Your website in understanding cereal song key point is what kind of

Tool of the member that you can use website government will check capture mistake, and seeing is what popular inquiry takes flow your website. Material information consults please our diagnostic list (English) .

Appropriate processing expires with the page that produces temporarily

Ensure please return right HTTP state code. If you sell some kind of product no longer, you can return a 404 pages. If you changed page of a certain product a new network address, use please 301 permanent heavy directional weigh the page before directional to new page. The website that updates you in time can take more target flow.

Increase the guest flow of hypostatic inn

If the target of your website is the hypostatic shop that attracts the client you,come, in ensuring you had been in cereal songbook ground to search please, be added and affirm your company directory.