Grade of spider of engine of search of song of deepness analysis cereal those things

One, the grade of spider of GOOGLE search engine

Talk about next GOOGLE spider origin first above all.

At the beginning of when GOOGLE search all alone engine just was built, have this one very powerful server, its give off many spider everyday, we call a spider, rate of capture of its capture quantity is exceedingly fast, the collection that whole to its Internet undertakes information undertakes everyday, how much is the speed of visible server fast, actually the mainest is later period GOOGLE the server outspread arrived a lot of cities, what so you can discover the operation rate of GOOGLE is lead now is fast.

The server classifies collection information, arrange giant database. Having a database among them is to use those who put website domain name. The domain name should be alled alone by search engine indexes only, will stock this database automatically. This database is the core of a spider.

The part inside its is 10 PR the small database of each grade, though fraction occupies a library, but also be big dreariness. The database of 10 grade its cycle is different also, the probability that basically tell a spider to crawl with the website of a PR=4 also is in 7 days. So basic you also can discover collect having big range also is the some day inside 7 days.

Attentive stationmaster can discover day or 7 pretty are occasionally actually accurate, but be aimed at PR=4 only. PR is the more tall its are periodic the more short, PR low cycle is the more longer, of course this a lot of stationmaster have respecting such doubt. Meet what collect to its here want 2 saying spiders next namely, 2 spiders often crawl be put in the process in a spider, basically be aimed at the exterior link of the website that passes at be being climbed by a spider. Since PS says it is 2 spiders affirmation its capture strength wants a lot of smaller than 1.

2, just do not have 2 of course, still have 3 spiders

Alleged 3 also stand with respect to A crawl of a spider stands to B, 2 spiders that B stands crawl C stands.

At present GOOGLE is these 3 grade to restrict its infinite loop to be divided only to the spider. Have a very specific level to the capture rate of its grade, and date and 3 2 spiders have a capture characteristic basic with time undertake capture orderly early or late.

3, tell for example

A text after A website is crawled by a spider is final time is 2008-12-12, that is given crawl by 2 spiders that come over from other website when A website, what can collect to its likely above all is, a few articles that publish recently if: The article such as the 2008-5-30 such as 2008-5-31 will undertake the 2nd times, the 3rd visit, crawl again later 2008-12-12 the following information. If your website does not have any updating, it will be close to its inside a month change content to undertake crawl 2 times.

If exterior date and 3 2 spiders that come are more, same piece the article can be mounted many times likely.

It is the official data that GOOGLE provides below.