Googlep rank optimizes research (one)

1: The place in database of Google of webpage snapshot consist in lists the literal content of the webpage, namely last time the webpage content of capture of Google spider place.

2: The PR that we see in tool column is worth the computation of true Google PR and the uninterrupted process that updating is trends is only " visible PR is worth " , roughly 3 months are updated.

3: To make URL network address more standardization, should will from below these a few network address

/ Index.html
/ Index.html

Should do 301 heavy directional to this network address:

4: Sandbox effect expression is for a new website inside Google is very difficult the rank that has received, no matter how you optimize this website, receive good rank very hard inside Google namely. The Sandbox of Google resembles giving a probation of new website a bit. Inside this paragraph of probation, new website cannot compare the rank that has received below intense keyword in competition almost. Normally sandbox effect can last 6 months, a few is aimed at emulative the website of not tall keyword, the likelihood will be a few shorter in sandbox. Industry competition is taller, sandbox effect will be more lasting.

5: .edu domain name have the inherent diagnostic reason that is trusted and for love or money domain name can be not transferred, include business, rental the move that waits for any forms. .edu domain name can be registered by educational orgnaization only, .gov domain name can be registered by governmental orgnaization only. The author thinks, these characteristics domain name are considered as the top class domain name that can be trusted the most likely.

6: The cogged means that Google is fed up with quite (baleful and cogged, google can be very fast fish)
Keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases
Put the keyword of a large number of spelling mistake intentionally
Do not have logic, it is the character that software is generated commonly
Bridge page
Try to use rubbish software to produce many rubbish rubbish in other website
Doubtful page changes direction

7: Google spider crawl circulates indefinitely from time to tome danger dogs for example the link of the calendar on a certain webpage, the likelihood always has on this calendar " next month " this pushbutton, generation circulates indefinitely. Because webpage program can generate the menology of next month without limit, google spider went out not to come.

8: In leave a message this in leave rubbish to link this kind of technology not to act well early to Google. Again for instance some cogged people build many website, link each other between these websites, this is not effective also to Google.

9: Additional data is the one part that Google assists index

10: Additional data produces an account

The first: Have problem of network address standardization. Contain Www and the version of two network address that do not have Www to be in the database namely, so among them one is to complement by mark likely material.

The 2nd: The webpage that has been deleted occasionally, should return the URL of 404 mistakes actually namely, can be labelled to complement material. Or the domain name had expired, also can be become to complement by mark sometimes material.

The 3rd: Occasionally stationmaster is altering after the webpage, the webpage of two version of new old content can appear in Google index. And bad is, among them a meeting is to complement by mark material.

The 4th: Duplicate content webpage. A lot of content that reprint or borrowed can are to complement by mark material. Because Google also does not have method,judgement is achieved which formerly, the person that achieve formerly occasionally so also can suffer disaster.

The 5th: Identical or the content of likeness is too much on the webpage. For instance navigation system holds webpage content proportion bigger, and text part is smaller.

11: Additional data falls in major case and the look repeats inside the webpage or similar about.

12: Additional data can be updated, but by the frequency of new capture inferior.

13: Additional data is met surrive is as long as a year or longer time.

14: If you think the website more page that lets you is collected, you must consider the quality of your link more.

15: It is OK that the webpage that wants a yourself only joins Google Notebook easily get retrorse link from Google domain name.

16: Old website won’t enter sand table commonly, but increase new webpage and link too quickly to also may produce sandbox phenomenon.

17: Not only the link of high quality is important, come from related height the link of the file may be very important also. Occasionally the likelihood should contact a competitor.

18.On the toolbar that green not be current PR value.

19: The link effect that Google can come to buying and selling clears.

20: Google rank drops suddenly, and stabilize be in a certain position, demonstrative Google disclosure be bored with of your a few cats.