Googlep rank optimizes research (2)

1.Want you to provide helpful to the user content only, and these content can by the spider successful capture, below normal circumstance, had solved major problem.

The weight that we give 2. Bold is a bit more tallish than Strong, but the difference is very little, need not think in this respect too much. (but correct later like be weight) . To Em of two kinds of inclined body and I the weight of two kinds of label is compared also just the same.

3. need not worry about a lot of websites to share same an IP address, put in same wear a server to go up, do not have an influence completely to the rank.

4.10 thousand about a hundred webpages go up at the same time line, do not have a problem certainly, but this is quite doubtful below majority circumstance. So he suggests, you should have so much webpage really, best attempt soft is released gradually, thousands of page of thousands of page go up line, may a bit better.

If 5. does not do search to all alone engine is optimized, the user searchs to be not worn you.

6.Interior has a lot of rubbish to detect tool. (the understanding of Kyw: Fasten foolish with software of so called SEO, those who have the law is cogged always can be come out by the examination. ) Google

7.Suggest everybody can look up the retrorse link of the website with Yahoo Site Explorer,

8. won’t worry to whether be accorded with accord with W3C standard, because the webpage of 40 % has encode mistake, search engine to won’t go up to have a mistake and abandon because of the webpage the website content of 40 % .

9. static state and the way that dynamic URL handles are similar, but do not use too much parameter in dynamic URL, use 3 two at most. Do not use too long number at the same time, because of that may as promiscuous as Session ID. Best can undertake with Mod_rewrite URL adapts, URL of static state of dynamic URL instead.

10. returns different content according to user IP, won’t be considered as to conceal a webpage (Cloaking) . But if give Google spider special treatment, can be regarded as to conceal a webpage.

The keyword appearing in 11. column is not important, important is the website should be divided into diverse list really according to different topic, form a tree structure. Notted matter with what as to catalog name, important is the topic falling in diverse list is close together and relevant. Such natural below each catalog meetings include a keyword.

12.Interior has special additional data panel to studying and observe, advocate Google spider and additional data spider are departure. Should complement the next time material spider calls in your webpage when, if saw 301 change direction or of quality rise, natural webpage can be returned advocate index library.

13.Know GOOGLE to did not use Google Analytics with respect to Matt Cutts place (the discharge statistic tool that GG provides) collect data.

14.Have all sorts of different duplicate content, e.g. the webpage of just the same, also have a plenty of approximately duplicate webpage, we have a lot of very complex logic to undertake detecting. If you feel you may have the problem of duplicate content webpage, that is about to ensure all is different between your webpage.

15.The link is put in menu is not being pulled below the proposal, this also is not the gimmick of the standard that make. He suggests or put the link on webpage bottom or website map.

16.When Google undertakes algorithm is updated, when perhaps checking new function, be in center of a data to undertake first, affirm quality reachs our expectation. Completely needless the search result that goes observing different data center is returned.

17.If your webpage has about the same identical content, so make they look different as far as possible.

18.Generally speaking if content is about the same, google can be judged by oneself, single out them to think next best. If you want to avoid the generation of duplicate webpage, can try to ensure the pattern plate of the website very special different.

Does the weight that the link that 19. used somebody asks Gov and Edu domain name compares common domain name want tall? Actually we can not see this link come from open catalog, perhaps come from Gov or Edu domain name, give it special treatment. It is these websites have higher PR cost commonly only, more websites are linked to them.

20. rich guest and common website do not have what distinction in rank algorithm respect, unless you are done, is rich guest search (Blog Search) .

21.When you see the new PR in Toolbar, these numerical value had been been in to rank by the consideration among algorithm. So you may look at new PR the cost is very happy, but it is not the cause that causes a rank to change as a result. Because PR updates the change that causes rank result,so you won’t see, these rank the change of the result, already from last time PR begins consideration newlier.

22. once had said when answering a card: Matt Cutts
“It is not certain now to have compensatory stuff it is an evildoing. This your circumstance looks in me, just lack a report of PR and link. Your home page has been in our advocate in the database, but more or less were you linked. So I think your website does not have what problem, just our index database can choose one part file only, if more people link your website, the webpage that I anticipate you can be returned advocate database. The webpage that I anticipate you can be returned advocate database..