Google serves the secret in the process

Google is the search engine that I like most, I am convinced by the spirit of Google, affect by the culture of Google, I can say one of super vermicelli made from bean starch that are Google, saw something today, with the lover of Google, and the person that wants to understand Google is shared. Google, be worthy of be the world’s most powerful search engine really. Later development is Google to prop up the service process in offerring search course in the index that it is search.

1, search casing

Everything spreads out a search to be start on the network with anybody. Any keywords, for instance: Small yard interconnection

2, domain name server

The software on server of Google domain name, move at the company all over the world of hire or go up from some data centers, include to be in among them Manhadu is old a computer of port office. Their sole purpose, it is computation gives what group at the moment busy least of all, so that as far as possible efficient how-to the group that these searches enter Google.

3, group

These search requests keep leaving those who be in center of each district data into Google to distributing momently in at least 200 group.

Group controller, google talent show is on its network software, it can help a group medium by tens of thousands the computer with low-priced stage is giant like work like hard disk. Those inexpensive computer allow Google to replace local package below the circumstance that does not stop whole act: If a computer is dead machine, at least two other computer had made the preparation that replaces it, here, the engineer can change the computer with then bad stage.

4, network server

This program inquires to apportion gives by tens of thousands station machine, so that they can be in,same hour searchs a service for this. This differentia different is just like before is a person goes yourself drug-store shops, 100 people help you seek a thing at the same time now, throw it in your barrow next.

5, index server

Everything what Google knows so stores in a tremendous database. Google has about a hundred computer to scan at the same time its card catalog in order to find each relevant entry, is not to use a computer to choose these byte of ten only. Popular search term is met by delay this memory is in memory a few hours, is not new search again.

6, file server

In index server all result collection hind, file server takes out all and relevant file—The link in tremendous database and article cento. How does Google accomplish apace to search a page? Actually it is done not have. The file server middleman and guarantor that Google already built index in it collected all data on triplet Internet, these data already classify, had made the preparation that is used.
Capacity: The extremely finite data that is based on a few Google to release, the expert guesses, google server stored at least the data of 20 Perabytes (1pb is equal to 1 million G) . So not conservative " even the line " the records says, google may have the capacity of 200 Pb. If your IPOD has 1perabytes only, you can store about 200 million songs. If you want to download the thing of 1perabyte size on high speed Internet, your Ceng Cengceng great-grandson is likely still defend when a byte after 2514 is passed control in computer.

7, spelling server

GOOGL does not read a vocabulary. It seeks the pattern of these characters, or English is Sanskrit perhaps. If it searchs the mode of the request to get 1000 results according to yours, but find million however the result that gets by a similar pattern, its meeting rises these dot join, enquire this wanting that inquire these terms courteously to whether you wish, although your fat finger is likely a fund of didymous to developing fund fault to go all out green.

8, advertisement server

Each inquiry passes an advertisement database at the same time, the data that matchs to it can be sent to page server, so that they can go out,show a page as a result in the search now. Ad group is in with search group race. Google aspire raises search rate as far as possible. If advertisement matchs when the time that spends as a result compares a search to be used as a result longer, it won’t appear to go up in the page, google also cannot be searched this again on gain money.

9, page builder

It is opposite the page server of Google some of inquiry by tens of thousands gather up of second search result comes, organize all data, next these argute and simple search presents the window in your browser as a result in, the time that whole process reads this bureau to be spent in place than you is even short.

10, indication result

It is 0.25 seconds commonly, shorter perhaps.

Google robot: Google deploy call a spider (the project of Spiders) , for the sake of building the Internet carbon of itself. In a few popular websites, googlebot should dog possibly inside a hour a certain number of second the link of this website. Every time search, spider people can obtain each article take each word of arteries and veins to be saved. Primitive data will be searched in group, cross whole factory, and designedly is quickened replace the data in index server and file server, make sure the search is fresh as a result thereby, and rather than is dormant.

Page sort: When GOOGLE formed detailed list of result of a search, through allowing 200 many elements to analyse internally, google can decide a website has many reliable. It is important that the content of this website has many. The secret of Google means is, it can carry the condition that each website is linked by other and different website, make to the importance of this website evaluate, change character, a website whether regard as reliable, depend on greatly the quality of those websites that link it.

Electric power: Only a thing can restrict the expression of Google, that is the company can buy how many electricity. One of his newest data centers (number: Project 02) near the Colombian river that is located in Russia to force ridge city, this data center is using the phone of the hydroelectric station of low of 1.8 billion watt. This is not accidental, this is the joint of Asia and American network. This byte factory has two computer center, each have a football ground so big.

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