Google searchs the point of the rank

Discuss next is in in SEO at everybody today Google ranks a point, it is highest that some people think Google rank optimizes rank difficulty in the website, also should go up only on Google rank, be really such? Actually otherwise, each search engine have the rank point of itself, when because this is exchanging friendship to link,some people think value of Google grade Pr is very fundamental, the Google grade Pr that often sees the other side first is worth Googlepr value to having very crucial effect really to Google rank, but also cannot take dominant place in its action in SEO, SEO cultured is OK can discharge superior place in each big search engine, and the Google with onefold unlike is ranked in that way, although very good rank is obtained in Google, but also cannot find even the trace in other search engine, some is punished even. Good, enter subject, we talk about next Google ranks onefoldly today.

The company that China becomes Google to rank at present is more, because of Google optimize the look is simpler to SEO technology, also can saying is the foundation inside. If be summed up, the viewpoint that notices almost also at 2 o’clock, 1. Website frame construction is reasonable, benefit props up capture at search index, what the page designs is more friendly. 2. External link. What Google rank emphasizes particularly on is catenary, almost namely one outside of catenary than going all out. The exterior link that advocates here is high quality link. Taller like Google grade, namely the website with Pr higher cost, and derive the link is compared relatively little, to your website the rank can have very big effect. Also had heard of such word before, value of a Pr is the webpage of 6, if it derives only,link, so the webpage Pr value of its place chain also can raise same level. Although I had not tried, but those who become aware also is some truths, although I dare not assure to be able to reach same level, what I dare assure is the profit that brings to your website should compare those one page to have N absolutely link and you are a among them exterior link only many what be close friends. Often like to design friendship link to home page when designing a website. Also have his profit really so, it is easy to exchange a link to rise to also be compared relatively with others so, what bring to others because of you is voting not just so simple, and still matter to discharge, of course the other side is willing very much. So the part that I also show those who issue it is bad here, its bad part namely the problem of the Pr value scale of your website oneself, the page derives the link does not affect the level of oneself webpage really, but when you the website wants to use each contention that distribute a page when more keyword, so cent page also is to need home page to go to those who provide a link very much (the Pr value that links place to offer namely, the Pr value inside this allocates have certain law, resemble a website the Pr cost of home page is very normally high because each catenary distributing a page that are collected arrived,be home page.

Cite a simple case so, we link the page assimilate to a conduit, assimilate to of webpage Pr resource a cistern, the water inside is certain. Good so webpage A is to derive for us link page, webpage B, C, D, be by link page. When cistern (namely webpage A) the resource inside is certain, when the resource that becomes it leads to B only, so can total share gives his resource B, the get resource of B is the total natural resources of A. When the resource when A leads to Bcd? So resource is about to consider to allocate an issue, so at this moment the resource that B earning goes to leads to him far less also alone at A resource when. We think the resource here into PR to be worth so everybody also can understand a meaning, putting forward a proposal to allocate in all links of website interior here so have skill. It is affecting the oneself condition of the website, also can consider it inside when the module that building each pages so. good also do not need dilatancy here, compare everybody to be able to understand somewhat, it is to rely on oneself to carry out completely, everybody goes down to be able to try below, the article can regard as only referenced, also go you have better method, go developing oneself latent capacity. Good, I am Zeya, come here.

Summarize: The viewpoint of the exterior link that the article uses a website also can make everybody thinks of what website interior links to allocate skill, what basically tell about is the link in Google rank side key. All alone in each search at this o’clock I think also is very important in engine of course, because although say the algorithm of engine is differ, but their total trend still compares close.