GOOGLE searchs the link list of the result

GOOGLE added a content again in the closest website administrator center namely: Website link. We see the specification that GOOGLE links to the website first:

Sometimes Google can build add link according to website content, in order to help the website that the user browses you, this kind of link calls website link. Google can build these website links through website content regularly.

Because trends builds our website link, accordingly this list can change at any time.

Website link is built automatically completely, think when us these links are useful to the user only when, ability can show the website is linked. If your website structure does not allow our algorithm to search normal website link, or we think the website link of your website and user inquiry do not have a relation, won’t show this website is linked. Nevertheless, we will improve the method that search and demonstrates website link ceaselessly.

The list that the formal complier that links list inquires to SKF gets Chinese vocabulary Ai Rui and the English vocabulary that inquire entrance bearing on GOOGLE.COM as follows on GOOGLE.CN respectively.

Ai Rui’s result:

The result of SKF:

Among them interesting of a bit is, the caption of the result that comes out when searching Ai Rui unexpectedly of Baidu, the likelihood is GOOGLE go up from Baidu directly the result of the Ai Rui of capture. (the spider of GOOGLE looks occasionally lazy also)

Is such link list what kind of help to how come true and have again to SEO?

Complier considers a such issue, whether to cast to SEO helpful for the moment do not talk, regular to visit discharge of the client meeting is helpful, will tell from network sale, those who establish a brand is famous spend and credit is spent is a pretty good attempt. If can appearing,searching result list at the same time, will tell to this keyword should be a very authoritative website, the position of the rank also should be the first.

How to go realizing such search result list further, GOOGLE just says the automatic analysis that is a program, the ground is little the place that arranges the observation to search result list to discover a few general character.

1, the theme that the folder below every root catalog is an independence, that is to say if take,coming out is an alone website below every folder. Also be with content so king such tenet is not sought and mix. The website should collect many content above all next the conformity of cent piece, and build a different file directory.

2, complier ever had looked for a lot of keywords in seeking the course that links list, include sea Er, Baidu to also do not have the form of list of occurrence search result in such old brand. Accordingly, the main factor that the size of the brand may not be appearing list, want to there is main force in a certain industry only, more reasonable on website framework, in the search result list that can appear. Ai Rui is such example.

More elements remain discuss and everybody studies together, oneself still are met the notion that proceed experiment confirms him, experimental result will be in announce to everybody for a short while!