Google rolls out the search page that optimizes for IPhone only

On July 24 message, malic IPhone is in global heat wave, stimulated Google. Although IPhone user group just form, but Google begins to contend for this part user immediately. A few days ago, google rolled out the search page that the IPhone that is an apple technically has the interface is optimized.

This page uses the interface of AJAX SearchAPI, the user that technical utmost makes the search gets used to IPhone is used. But also make result of before search function got certain confine can show only for instance 8 searches. Current, this search page supports information of Google webpage search, image search, news to wait.

Google intensifies the user contention in domain of mobile phone terminal, got come from the pressure of respect of Microsoft, Yahoo apparently. Microsoft combines the mobile phone operating system of new generation of the buy inside acting factory of Taiwan mobile phone, will make up for the weak power that Microsoft carries in the mobile phone. And the deploy that Yahoo also intensified putting ostentation in the mobile phone.

When the software that has not formed an advantage in domain of mobile phone terminal serves a manufacturer, strive for most user to make the strategy with Microsoft, Yahoo, common Google. Microsoft says, the mobile phone is the market with prospective the rapiddest growth. Provide relevant application in manufacturer of traditional mobile phone nevertheless when the service, avoid to weigh skip PC domain by the track of an overturned cart with Microsoft occupational system, become Microsoft most headaching thing.

And Google at this moment terminal of mobile phone of race to control becomes blow its competitor’s best strategy, notable is, on SamSung shipment volume replaces Motolora to make the whole world first quarter the 2nd, and Google had embedded in manufacturers of these mobile phone terminal his search serves.

Be in China, the mobile search business of Google has been enclothed to China, after with China shift cooperates, the 5 cities that become above are enclothed in Chinese general. The CFO tall of Google treats Lei Ye this say, this is a mature market, it is indispensable to Google. For the Google news with mobile custom-built equipment, can providing the information that suit a mobile phone or uses for the user is the competition ability of Google.

Nevertheless, also have person, if Google expands in development of mobile phone market, also be faced with to it before for instance SamSung fall out becomes the partner the danger of enemy.