Google reminds an user: Commutative link can lower PR index

All the time since, stationmaster people the main measure that regards the PR that raises oneself as commutative link when popularizing his website, the link that seems to change is more oneself PR value is greater, very much even website has person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of this job. Google pointed out the malpractice of this one practice already clearly now. The quality of website value itself just is website development is essential, evaluate the PR main purpose that a website also is Google objectively. To raise the rank of own keyword, one-sided pursuit raises PR, the stationmaster that learned fur of a few Seo to think one pace be raised to the skies only people, still return to nature.

Textual section chooses:

The website rank in Google search result depends on partly the analysis that links in the light of the website. The amount of the link, quality and dependency can affect the rank of the website. Website link can provide the context about website theme, still can provide the signal about its quality and welcome degree. But, certain website administrator uses a link to exchange program, pure be linked for across and build cooperative business webpage, and neglect a link (origin) quality reachs his to be opposite the long-term effect that has a website oneself. This kind of practice violates the website administrator guideline of Google, the rank in searching a result possibly to the website produces negative effect. The give typical examples that links plan includes:

# aims to operate the link of PageRank
# links the banned website to the network or evil adjacent
# link exchange and plan of mutually beneficial link (you link me, I link you. )
# is bought or market a link

Google English is textual: / Support/webmasters/bin/ Answer=66356