Google ranks a test to study a result

In Google rank test, we are with keyword of institute of sale of network of guest of 100 million Ma exemple, research is as follows as a result:

1, the weight sex of the website

This basically is Pr, there is Pr6 in the station that we check, pr4, pr3, pr2, the station of Pr0, our same title, different content, in morrow this word is in Google is rank orderly by this.

2, of content achieve a gender formerly

We have a station that is Pr3, was to turn the content above Pr2 station, the station that gives Pr2 added a link, in the station search of the Pr3 in Google institute of sale of network of guest of 100 million Ma does not have a rank, still have even if exactly like caption and content send many websites, head the advanced face of hair.

3, the density of the keyword

Base in have an implied meaning, send two stations, those who because send,have a station is early, discharging in front, changed a term the 2nd times, keyword density demotes, the rank drops.

4, the element of time

A normal website is in in Google collecting is very normal, about ten minutes control the content that can collect new hair, if the word is not special heat relatively, meeting platoon is in front, but in be being updated the 2nd times, be to press before 3 kinds of element to have a rank.

5, collect newer order

Google is to collect newer home page first, update specific content page again, if be rich guest, it is preexistence rich guest appear inside the search, in the webpage the search appears after.

6, the set-up time of the website

In Google the platoon is in the official website that first is institute of sale of network of guest of 100 million Ma, the name appears the earliest, discharging in the first place all the time so.

Amid has some of element to be able to appear counteract with the difference, the test studies the result offers everybody to consult only.

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