Google ranks a secret: Underline will be equal to word separator

Matt Cutts attended the WordCamp2007 plenary meeting that holds for WordPress user and developer only recently, on the meeting, revealed many secrets related to Google rank as the Matt of WordPress user. And Matt still affirmed a great Google is newer first, namely Google is about to meet an underline (_ ) when write words separator (for instance – or blank space) processing. This will is opposite the Blog that many websites include underline in the link especially (the MT platform that for instance GSeeker is using) the rank produces an effect, because Google can be located in manage correctly eventually,link content.

We know, occasionally the meeting in the link of the website includes many keywords, and platform meets a lot of websites to be used automatically – the keyword join rises, for instance GSeeker-Readers.html. Google (what here points to is Googlebot, similarly hereinafter) all the time since correctly processing is linked this kind, because it can identify – , regarding it as is word separator. Because this Google is OK,in GSeeker-Readers.html this is linked in identify GSeeker and Readers correctly these two words. But to underline (namely _ ) , google is helpless. To GSeeker_Readers.html this is planted formal link, google can regard GSeeker_Readers as only a word will handle, and do not know identify for two words. This makes the website that used structure of this kind of link, wasted the opportunity that uses link keyword to raise a rank for nothing. But the fault that this cannot be a website, however the inadequacy of Google, the website that because use this to plant,links a structure is very much, and Google cannot handle them correctly.
Matt Cutts affirmed first on the meeting, google can regard underline as very quickly word separator processing, the website of this influence suffers before this is meant, possible meeting is in before long the promotion that gets ranking going up in the future.

Divide this beyond, matt still revealed many secrets related to Google, following:

*Google processing trends and the means that the static state links are consistent. General metropolis includes interrogation and parameter in dynamic link, want parameter only not 3 over, won’t produce an effect to Google rank commonly (link of opposite use static state) . Change character, you use dynamic link to also never mind, but 3 the following parameter are included only in best link, of course, parameter has been jumped over lesser, because can reduce Googlebot capture difficulty. My individual suggests to use bogus static state or static link as far as possible, because this is best practice.

The amount of the diagonal in * link can not affect Google to rank. As a result of above this kind of reason, now more and more websites especially WordPress user likes to use link of bogus static state very much, and many fictitious list can be contained normally in link of bogus static state, for instance A/b/c/GSeeker.html. There are many people to include SEO expert to think diagonal makes before list increase, can affect Google rank, but Matt clarified this now. Nevertheless Matt also reminds at the same time, although multiple catalog won’t affect Google rank, but affect a website possibly however to be in Yahoo! Or the rank in Microsoft Live Search, the way that because they are handled,links is not quite same. Accordingly we still reduce the oblique line in the link as far as possible (catalog) amount, be sure to the website so a few.

The suffixal name that * links can not affect Google to rank. The suffixal name that the website links has a lot of kinds, for instance Php, .html, .htm, .asp, .aspx, .jsp, usually, SEO expert can suggest you use.html or.htm, because be the safest method so. But the link that no matter you are used,Matt confirmed now is which kinds are suffixal, google can treat equally without discrimination, handle correctly. But notice not to use.exe to serve as a link please suffixal.

*Google won’t register business to get a domain name to register information from other domain name. All the time since because registered many domain name,the hearsay weighs Google, making Google itself also resembles it seems that is a domain name registers business, when accordingly Google is having a rank to the website, can register what the website gets over there business to register information from other domain name. Matt says this is a kind of misunderstanding, but the rank element that the Whois information that did not show whether Google can use a domain name clearly however regards a website as.

* wants the source of a news that oneself Blog becomes Google News, your Blog must have many writers. This is one of first requirements, no matter your Blog content has many to abound, if it has a writer only namely yourself, google won’t consider to label it source of Google News news.