Google rank is algorithmic a few fluctuant

The rank result that a few intentional nets provide the closest likelihood to discover Google a kind of unusual appearance, changing as to this is the algorithm that Google changed it after all, factitious still land increased the new page of the rank.

What to produce after all?

Google company to celebrate TCP / IP (Internet agreement) build 25 years. Added all new pages on the network suddenly collect.

The search result amount of Google is quick since this brings about the closest period of time rise, be in this day especially, those are all with TCP / IP of correlation of this term phase the keyword is regarded as a large number of collecting to mark by Google.

The center that this as a result of TCP / IP incident changes, so we take TCP / IP to make case.

We can discover a such strange habit, those are met by the popular topic Google that Google maintains OK and long-term development will relatively the page of the near future is searching a result before page. Notable is, the rank of these be among the best of candidates is rich guest page mostly. This we can be searched since January 1, agreement of TCP / IP will detect the metabolic trend that the Google since this period of time collects.

Is all these GOOGLE changed his to rank algorithm really?

Be opposite when us however relatively after the result of the near future undertakes an analysis, we discover Google did not change its algorithm.

If if Google maintains a keyword,at the same time we discover the heat at the near future is relevant, it is met as before the bulk of the information content that the tourist feedbacks will decide this index outcome is be put in front or from the back.

E.g. , if be in those large websites. Everyday 100 thousand person searchs London this keyword, its are Google thinks this word is a keyword as a result, the rich guest of this keyword is in those use London to for some time can one has been compared recently collect a circumstance.

Through further exploration we discover this kind of trend begins formally with on January 1, 2008. Same thing happens on other heat keywords euqally. E.g. , search result, search the popular keyword Canoeist that appeared 2002 when us when collecting a record, we did not discover this phenomenon.

Filed a patent even for this Google, let them get protective with the special technology that will discover whether a keyword is popular.

Whether to decide to there are these popular keywords on your website?

At present we discover this kind of Google company special heat algorithm is used at recent news or incident only. If your search requirement is irrelvant, with recent message, so, this won’t affect your rank.

If you want to becoming topic of a heat, it can help innovation guest of a rich kind of the article popular topic. But this is not abiding model method.

We discover this one additional change, the rank that can not affect Google of the others circumstance is algorithmic, and this kind pays close attention to the manner of short-term keyword often can count a day continuously only, once heat is reduced,come down, this exceeds strong collect a process to stop.