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By abroad 37 outstanding search engine optimize bound ace to be participated in jointly, with voting form the comment affects the main factor that Google ranks, choose this very valuable, although did not rank 200 many Google the element to list entirely, but Google ranks the important part of the 90%-95% in algorithm to had included amid, chris.dl also is ability sees recently, very valuable, translate its now, arrange, the hope is helpful to broad SEO lover.

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Be helpful for the element that Google ranks

Rank Notch Classification Define
1 4.9 Keyword The keyword use on website TITLE
2 4.4 Exterior link The anchorage character of exterior link
3 4.4 Website character The exterior link popularity of the website is spent, spend extensively
4 4.1 Website character Domain name age (begin consideration from the index that be propped up by search index)
5 4 Page quality Website interior links a structure
6 3.9 Website character The dependency of the content of exterior link page of the website and keyword
7 3.9 Website character The website is in the website related the theme group medium link popularity is spent
8 3.7 Keyword The keyword application on webpage content
9 3.6 Exterior link The link popularity of itself of exterior link page is spent
10 3.5 Website character The rate that new exterior link produces the website
11 3.5 Page quality Derive the quality of the link and dependency
12 3.5 Exterior link The thematic sex of exterior link page
13 3.5 Exterior link The link popularity in the website community of relevant theme spends exterior link page
14 3.4 Keyword The dependency of page content and keyword (semantic analysis)
15 3.4 Page quality The age of the page
16 3.3 Keyword The keyword use in H1 label
17 3.2 Website character The website collects an amount
18 3.2 Exterior link The age of the link
19 3.1 Website character The dependency of the keyword that the user inquires and website theme (prevent Google Bombing)
20 3.1 Exterior link Of the link all round character
21 3 Keyword The keyword use in website domain name
22 3 Page quality The quality of page content
23 2.8 Keyword The keyword use in page URL
24 2.8 Keyword The keyword use in the Headline label such as H2, H3
25 2.8 Page quality The structural administrative levels of the website
26 2.8 Website character User behavior
27 2.8 Exterior link Issue the link popularity of exterior link page to spend with the domain name
28 2.6 Keyword The keyword of the picture is optimized
29 2.6 Website character Of Google award weight artificially
30 2.6 Website character The characteristic of the domain name (
31 2.5 Website character The rate that new page produces
32 2.5 Exterior link Of exterior link found and update time
33 2.5 Exterior link The characteristic of domain name of exterior link website
34 2.4 Exterior link The PR of exterior link website is worth
35 2 Keyword The keyword use in Meta Description
36 2 Website character The user searchs the frequency of the website
37 1.9 Page quality In URL / occurrence frequency of the symbol
38 1.8 Page quality Spelling and syntactic validity
39 1.4 Page quality Whether does HTML code pass W3C attestation
40 1.3 Website character Whether does the website admit really through Google Webmaster Central
41 1.2 Keyword The keyword use in Meta Keywords

Classify must to divide

Website character: 39.9
Exterior link: 31.5
Keyword: 29.7
Page quality: 21.8

What does everybody see through this statistic? When going on website rank, which one part was done good?

Still have next.

Affect the negative factor that Google ranks

Rank Notch Define
1 3.8 The server often cannot be answered
2 3.6 The content height that has collected with Google repeats
3 3.6 Catenary to inferior quality or rubbish site
4 3.3 A large number of pages put the website in reduplicative META label
5 3.3 Keyword of beyond the mark load one’s writing with fancy phrases
6 3.3 Participate in link factory or offer a link in great quantities
7 2.8 The server answers time very slow
8 2.1 Exterior link comes from rubbish site
9 2.1 Low-down discharge, user behavior reflects difference

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