Google PR: Be like boat of travel of against the current, do not enter retreat

The evaluates to this webpage about Google information that Google PR numerical value is the person that Google tells clearly to browse. Google is webpage cent 0-10 11 grade.

Can say PageRank algorithm is the basis of the get rich of Google, google the evaluates to the webpage a lot of elements later, be pair of PR is outspread. Google embeds PR grade in Google Toolbar even, the Google algorithm of PR of it serves to show is affected mediumly. Influencing factor has the PR of a webpage only, that is a link. Fractionize comes is two: The quality of the amount of the link and link.

The structure of a website has bigger effect to the PR inside the website.

Had seen the formula about the specific algorithm to Google PageRank a long time ago, the calculation that makes giant finally is measured. The accuracy that does not know formula how, the computational ability that sees formula if this is powerful,also have Google only nevertheless goes be being calculated complexly the PR of every webpage.

Begin to contact SEO, can very accomplish the PR of the home page of a website easily 5. Want in those days, take a few stations that do a test, 3 stand in the PR inside 3 months from 0 change 5, still have a side for 4, this is it seems that very successful the thing of feeling. Because PR arrives at the word of 5, in Chinese domain, still be a pretty good station. PR is a face subproblem. Thenceforth begins, I also nurturance potential regulation: Every stand to, see its PR first, if the PR of single page can reach the level that makes me amazed, I should read the content of this website carefully; If PR is very low, do not have PR even, the likelihood looks can a few laxer.

Up to now, I feel to accomplish PR 5 not be an easy thing really. And, a lot of sites that forecast PR also forecast forbade. A trend is, the much that these sites forecast on the high side.

This can show an issue only: The PageRank algorithm of Google also is in ceaseless adjustment. An intuitionistic example can explain this is nodded.

Be in China to mix a website is not easy, want to put on record. Put on record a link in the process is a website put on record date points to great ICP site as the link. You can be envisaged, have in China on the site of ten million points to information of MII ICP/IP address to put on record administrative system is a how grand thing. The expression in Google is: ICP is PR of Chinese domain website is highest. In be being updated last, ICP won the freeboard level treatment of PR=9. Pass 3 months brew, ICP by 9 turn into 8. In 3 months process, the link amount that points to ICP station can increase to decrease impossibly only, PR drops instead. Why?

The link of every station is as the elapse of time accumulate gradually, if the computational method of PR numerical value is changeless, rise as the adds the whole in trying to reach a network ceaselessly PR of the link, final circular result is: All websites can be achieved 10. The existence of such PR also with respect to no point. As the phenomenon in the society, 20 years ago 10 thousand yuan door it is very arrogant a bovine thing, after 20 years?

So, I think, update in Google PageRank in, if PR hesitates to move forward, drop even, it is very regular job. Because your website does not have progress,not be degenerative perhaps, the measure that weighs however is being changed. PR is like boat of travel of against the current, do not enter retreat.