Google patent: How be differentiated and handle rubbish link

SEO cogged technique is used on him website, such as conceals a character, obscure a link, the keyword piles up, conceal a page, JS changes direction etc, it is more traditional cogged pattern, more dangerous also. Because of evidential authentic, of good chicanery of the it doesn’t matter that be captured, evidence is being placed on him website completely.

And rely on rubbish link to raise a rank, say the perception with not clear unidentified path a bit. In rich guest or forum group hair, even if be detected, search engine also can compare discretion when processing, because conclude very hard group of hair who works. Although him stationmaster works below major case, but can become a hacker for the rank in view of very much now person, also do not eliminate some people for circumvent competitor, to the competitor group send.

How be differentiated so and handling rubbish to link is the problem that build is fond of. Search engine has a headache, conscientiously does the stationmaster of the station to also have a headache.

A patent that before two days of Google refer just is approved, caption is: Detect in the data of mutual link the method that links rubbish, how research detects and handle rubbish to link namely. A lot of maths formula that distinguish link works discussed in patent, I look completely not to understand, those who know process designing is OK study. Generation of the high number that when I admit an university, learns, line remembered not at all.

This patent mentioned mill of two kinds of links designedly. One kind is to do one pile website, the purpose is connected jointly namely to advocate website, make advocate website rank rises. This kind of feature that links a factory is a link to advocate these pages of the website, often weight (Google PR) is very for instance low. And normal, truly important webpage can have at least a few compare important link normally.

Factory of additionally one kind of link is, one caboodle website is mutual between alternate link rises. This kind of feature that links a factory is, this group of websites basically form island of a Gu on link mode, have normal link concern with the website besides circle rarely.

What be judged to be link factory or have link factory suspicion is mention in patent, may take the following step:

The link of these pages is when computational weight, be not considered completely

The link weight on the page is reduced

The link weight on the page is punished

These page itself importance are reduced

These page itself importance are reduced, the link value that issues at the same time also is reduced

These castigatory measure can foreknow, factory of describes two kinds of typical links is not scarce also. The maths that in knowing patent, describes is formulary, does the accuracy rate when judging these to link a factory have many tall?

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