Google optimizes website administrator guidelines

These guiding principle under comply with can discover to letting Google, collect can have very great help with the rank, also be a website that decides you whether appear in Google to search the best method in the result. Calculate you to choose to be not carried out implement these proposals, but the quality guidelines that we suggest you pay close attention to us strongly. If violated concerned regulation, so your website is deleted completely very likely from inside our index, once be deleted, so your website won’t be in again in searching a result, Google perhaps appears of the cooperative website of Google.

Design and content guidelines:

1, make a website distinct reach text to link clarity, a text and other page are carried between the page mutual link. The website map that provides to lead to all and important page for your person that visit. If the link number of website map page exceeds 100, should divide it into many pages so (namely every page can have 100 links only at most) ;

2, the page; that builds the can clear, preparation with an useful, rich content to describe your website theme

3, collect those searcher to will use the key word that discovers your website, ensure to these key word; are included appropriately in your page

4, use text is not the name that the picture goes to conveying those outbalance, content perhaps is linked. Because the spider of Google is not known,include the text; in the picture

5, can correct the earth’s surface amounts to the Alt attribute that ensures the Title caption of your webpage reachs a picture dead link of the content; 6 that you describe, examination and; of Html code mistake

7, if you decide to make Rong trends is called,come erect the word of your website (for example: UIs RL included? ) , ask an attention, not all search brings those who prop up pair of dynamic pages to collect with static page it is euqally good to collect. The heaviest if make parameter as far as possible little, URL as far as possible short.

8, make sure every page has proper link to count (little at 100) .

Instructor guiding principle:

1, use browser of a text (if Lynx) goes measureestimate your website, because very the website that you browse like searching the spider of engine to resemble Lynx. A few flows kinetic energy, be like: JAvascript, cookies, session IDs, frame, DHTML or Flash cannot showing in text browser. Accordingly, search engine is met when indexing to this kind of website the generation obstacle; 2, spider that allows Google can index below the circumstance that does not have Session IDs your website. Use this kind of technology to will make your website cannot be indexed completely. Because the spider cannot eliminate those URL to differ but the page; like content

3, ensure your server supports function of If-modified-since HTTP Header. The server that this function allows you tells Google to be in spider since the content that pair of websites have after indexing last undertook any update.

4, Robot.txt document is used on your server, this file tells Google to the page is to allow what to collect is illicit (specific can consult of this station Robot.txt write a law) ;

The website that becomes you has been finished

1, after uploading the website when you, refer URL to Google. Refer an address: / Addurl.html;

2, to the list that close, be like Yahoo! , the website; that Dmoz refers you

3, ensure all pages in your website are mutual link, and your website has run; normally

4, review this guiding principle to be able to obtain more information; thereby

Quality guiding principle – basic principle

1, your page is exist for the user and not be Google. Do not cheat your user, perhaps offer different page content; respectively to user and search engine

2, avoid to pass beguiling act and obtain temporarily high rank. A good principle assumes you are the person that visit namely, whether to suit you to the content of the website. Another useful test asks namely from already such content is useful to my person that visit, can be if nonexistent move searchs engine,I done so?

3, the link that do not arrive to be a link only and your website refers in the website of the design, the purpose raises the PR of your website perhaps be ranked through this law. Particularly, avoid to build the website that link or links cogged website with those to make link; with those cogged websites

4, do not use software to refer a page to perhaps examine a rank to wait. This kind of software can drain the resource with major server, google does not allow to if such Webposition Gold software gives out automatic inquiry to Google,be used.

Quality guiding principle – special recommend:

1, avoid to use conceal text and conceal link;

2, do not use the technology such as Cloaking to undertake the page weighs directional;

3, do not use software to send automatic inquiry; to Google

4, do not use the key word that has nothing to do with page content, the purpose obtains more additional flow; with this

5, do not build mirror page, perhaps use software to make many duplicate pages, many domain names point to the page of same content to wait; a moment