Google is punished the 6th times be affirmed

Google classics regular meeting has sundry penalty or filter makes the research that be mixed by SEOer discovery. Like the Google that mentioned last year the rank drops 30 penalty, there still are 950 penalties later, and the 6th penalty that just produces.

950 penalty are punished with the 6th, I did not keep a post, because be opposite actually,these penalty also have bit of coma. Google and other search index prop up what can keep of course to adjust algorithm, add into the new mechanism that differentiates website quality. Often discover these so-called penalty are very normal so, also was disinclined to say in rich guest.

By the way, very much so-called penalty is not penalty certainly, search engine algorithm to reduce the SEO technique that a few have a problem however, corresponding website rank returns it should the position.

The 6th penalty, because this penalty itself lets me want to say again,not be, however the existence that these two days of Matt Cutts come out to affirm this kind of penalty, from this a few more derivative idea.

December 26, 2007, stationmaster world Google the edition of edition piece advocate Tedster is summed up when Google will rank change December, discover a law, he calls Google the 6th penalty, position 6 Penalty. Discharge the keyword in the first before that is to say, the 6th when fall to secure. Also perhaps can be called this penalty drop 5.

A lot of stationmaster reported this phenomenon. Tedster summed up the following:

The website that is punished is the old station that has very long history.

Keyword rank holds the first for a long time also, having a few is to hold the 2nd for a long time, but it is the 6th when fall to secure.

The keyword that is punished is the most important normally, change those main keywords with top rate. But have a few keywords, same webpage still is maintained be in the first. So this penalty should be to be aimed at a keyword, is not limits of whole domain name and all keyword.

Common characteristic discovers between these webpages that the analysis is punished, should not be webpage itself optimize a problem. The element outside suspecting the object is centered in whole website limits to perhaps stand, wait like exterior link. The likelihood is exterior link distributings insufficient nature is even, also may be exterior link did not change for long.

To these discovery, some stationmaster confirm, some opposition, did not secure a view.

The card of stationmaster world is after SERoundtable report, cause take seriously extensively. Nevertheless Matt Cutts leaves a message say, be known with respect to him, did not see the thing that can bring about this kind of penalty.

January 16, the website that is punished reports in succession, penalty disappeared, the website reinstated a rank. It is almost in the meantime, SEO Book also reports, he also was reinstated a rank by the website of the influence. Aaron Wall considers as him the kill of a few amendatories that makes to the website. Looking now is not this reason.

January 29, matt Cutts leaves a message in Sphinn the existence that affirmed Google is punished the 6th times. Matt Cutts says:

When Barry12 moon base asks me the 6th penalty, I say I cannot see any meetings produce the thing of this kind of effect. But probably after a week, I notice some things may cause this kind of appearance. In the course that we are altering, center of a few data should have shown has revised algorithm, other data center is in also can update a few weeks in succession next.

Visible, google is to adjusting what thing really, so called penalty just is the by-product that these adjustment. Often these penalty filter the rank change that cause is not Google original idea wants so do. The change on a few algorithm, it is not certain also to connect Matt Cutts very clear.

OK and affirmative is, search engine adjusts algorithm in what keep all the time, ranking change is normal. When stationmaster sees these change, the first what should do is static next hearts, live firmly, fasten busy move to revise a website.

When having, google algorithmic experiment had become a head, meet again for some time too toward the callback. Crossed the observation that the algorithm of the head adjusts to these, conduce to us knowing near future Google will pay close attention to what thing. For instance used has very short period of time, rank of many catalog website rises madly, but very fast Google algorithmic callback. This phenomenon makes stationmaster people can experience, catenary gives other website and website to make the value of a Hub.

Again the Florida previously is for instance newer, although algorithm also has past callback later, but can let everybody notice excessive optimize brought consequence.

So in the final analysis, do a website to should have been jumped over more naturally now, not sedulous. Had done website content, little use likelihood arises the skill of controversy. There won’t be side effect today, perhaps will have tomorrow. The change that goes up to the rank also need not too care about.