Google is advanced optimize skill optimize click a quantity

Before advanced the quality that how optimizes account was mentioned to notch in optimizing, if that made sure quality notchs, but everyday click a quantity very little, the likelihood won’t be clicked more than 20 times one day, that promotion also does not have any effects, how is that optimized click a quantity? Does if where,the promotion below the premise that makes sure quality notchs click a quantity? How to bring click a quantity effectively? I come to detailed introduction issue this how to be operated below.

Understand above all: = of the quantity that browse visits the number of the website through advertisement

Increase the main method that clicks a quantity to include:

Add new or untapped key word: Search the keyword related to the website, must have keyword detailed account, detailed method can consult how to extend a keyword one article.

Found key word to advertising part did not make in advertiser website: This is equivalent to optimizing the analytic website that mentions in 6 paces music

Add the key word of wider extensive: The keyword that joins wide extensive must careful, must cooperate a keyword to match option to undertake operating, can match option to operate according to the keyword in optimizing 6 paces music.

Tall click quantity key word to distinguish come out: The in which group discharge in watching ad series holds whole series the discharge of 50% , that consideration does this groups of keywords alone an ad series.

Increase daily budget: Make daily report, look carefully at advertisement to put in time, make sure the budget can offer all putting in time.

Increase highest click charge or quality to notch every time: The cause that promotes CPC is promotion rank, of course premise must keyword quality notchs pretty good, if quality notchs bad, raise quality to notch first

The setting puts in channel head option to rise with utmost ground click a quantity: The choice searchs a network to put the cooperative dragnet related Google on the station.

Widen your positional fixed position installs: According to item characteristics, extend relevant, adjacent area, for example house property kind, of Shanghai area, can put Jiangsu and Zhejiang periphery on the area.

Below illustrate: An advertiser that allows us to increase a visit in order to hope to measure is exemple, this client sells product of Acme printer series.

1, add new or untapped key word

Add relevant aberrant form:

Acme printer

Printer of Acme ink jet

Acme ink jet printer

If be English key word when, qing Dynasty is sure to keep in mind to want to add plural form:

Acme Printers

Acme Jets

2, found key word to advertising part was not made in advertiser website

The website of the client that browse, determine main product category and type. Can make the ad group that is aimed at specific line of the products or model. If have need, establish new ad group

3, the word that adds wider extensive must concern couplet sex with product or service

4, the 4 parts that optimize a keyword





5, tall click quantity key word to distinguish come out (high skill)

Add tall the aberrant form that clicks quantity key word: Find out the word of high flow in ad group, come out independently and have aberrant form add, rise click a quantity
Represent this kind of key word clearly in ad headline or character: Undertake to this kinds of keyword alone advertisement is reflected alone.
If have need, establish new ad group please: General situation, must add new ad group

6, increase daily budget


The daily expenses that ensures its are in ad series please often won’t be achieved or exceed its daily budget.

Of all key word in wanting to raise an ad series click a quantity, increase the daily budget of this ad series please.

Want what add specific key word only to click a quantity, put its an alone ad series please, install next enough tall daily budget, so that arise,click a time highestly.

Above is to need those who go doing to optimize skill most, everybody can try according to the method above, but want to remember, must assure the cent of quality.