Google expresses odd capture new page through referring

Although Google has been the search engine with capture most page, but not contented still, because have very much webpage and news,be very difficult be discovered and of capture. When why this does a website namely, must notice search engine is friendly.

Google begins to offer now submit watch sheet (Form) discovery ever since webpage. This wanting that write define, just see disillusion had been written, cite directly main content is as follows.

We had known Googlebot before besides can outside the content of the type such as capture text, video, frequency, Flash, it still can pass link of JS code capture. And be in did not come, googlebot returns hopeful to identify the character in picture and video directly. For the content of farther capture Internet, google announces Googlebot already can be passed refer content of form capture more.

Narrate according to Google place, the test that current Googlebot is having form is referred to website of one fraction high quality. When Googlebot discovers to there is HTML form on these websites (when detecting namely) , it is met in the text casing that chooses a few terms automatically to input form from the website, the pushbutton that chooses to differ again next, tick off option and test and verify, submit form again. The new content that once Googlebot thinks to appear,refers form hind is lawful and it is interesting reach distinctive, it may index the search that content capture takes Google as a result in the database. This means Googlebot to had been known now obtain new content through submitting form.

At the same time Google also emphasizes, if prohibited undertaking concealing to form in the Robots.txt file of the website, the link that after hoping form is referred, produces by capture, that Googlebot is won’t of capture. In addition, current Googlebot submits the form of GET type only. Need to input user individual information when form for instance for instance name of password, user, contact waits, googlebot is can automatic skip over of these form.

Capture of this kind of form is the experiment of a little scope only currently, google expresses to won’t cause an effect to the website. Both neither can is worth to the PR of the website cause an effect, also won’t wait to the normal capture of the website, rank cause an effect.

Matt Cutts also wrote a card illustrate so the profit that make. Having home page of a lot of websites is only list the various places of company subordinate assigns a station in order to express home remedy type, did not list each assign a station in order to link a form. Cannot be collected by deepness before this kind of website, because Google does not submit watch sheet, cannot discover the URL that is concealed at the back of watch sheet.

This gives a few websites of course collect created an opportunity, whether can you also bring particular safe risk to certain company website? If some part does not think the website to be collected, prohibit with Robots.txt file rapidly.