Google Directory collects 7 element before your website

Join Google Directory the following network address to will get of Google special remain, so SEO of all through the ages values this kind link particularly. And what how GOOGLE DIRECTORY collects a website does everybody know? Actually most moment, google Direcory does not receive a website continuously, the website that 60% is control is from DMOZ income, so, DMOZ is more primitive the platform that pledges high, also more be helpful for your website value reveal. Very important nevertheless importance is, you must believe firmly your station is valuable above all, next your domain name also had better compare old brand, if too new domain name is probable,the effect is just the opposite to what one wished.

To open network catalog () the website that refers you, it is a very important step in website promotion. Ask me via often can coming up against somebody why their station was referred a lot of times but do not have reaction namely, because a lot of very main search engine and on-line portal website use the search of DMOZ to regard its as the search result of oneself as a result,this is. Regard the largest network on the net as one of catalog, DMOZ does not resemble the search engine such as Google to use automatic search process to have the index of the website and edition, the editor work that its can scan classified list is complete by finish artificially. When the website that referring you to DMOZ so, to ensure the website is succeeded to collect, you must notice the following item:

1. ensures referred website content is to achieve and rather than to reprint formerly, mirror image or duplicate

If your website content is link of a few members only, or the clone that is other site content, so your refer be rejected extremely likely by DMOZ. DMOZ does not grant to collect those reprinting, mirror image or duplicate site. To collected site, once discover they are mirror image, duplicate or blame achieve formerly, DMOZ also can come out its eliminate. So if your website is really about member product, a few information that you can add a product in the website or additional a few information. The editor of such DMOZ can think your website provided a few content that achieve formerly at least.

2. checks a website to whether have spelling mistake, ensure the good sex of website exterior

Although edit the actual content that those who look is a website, nevertheless they also are mixed we are same, the wrong spelling in the website and clumsy exterior can make their impression to your website sells at a discount greatly. According to my experience, those are designed through major and the site with good content, always meet what collect for DMOZ.

3. ensures to specific connection information is contained in referring a website

If there is an E-MAIL address to regard connection as information only in your website, that is far insufficient. I ever had asked the editor of a DMOZ, he tells me to say, he refers a website in the examination when, if cannot find the real address that can contact or telephone number from which, he can think this website does not have reliability. Do the website that the product sells to especially, you must build good reliability with your client. Be in below this kind of circumstance for the editor to a DMOZ, he can ask you provide accurate connection information.