Google Dancing observation

I must be SEO people feel afraid, because Google is more and more conservative.

Why so say? This is not exaggerate sth just to scare people absolutely, followed that day small roc when mentioning, still feel a bit confused temporarily, surveyed the expressional case of a few sites recently, especially a few new measure that the government publishs, new move, fearing Gu Ge can be added into artificial interpose even, the identifying because of the machine ability is finite.

Published an article about Google new act recently, explained Google is right inside the article link quality, PR still has additional data to waited to do relevant adjustment, and any divulging is done not have in Google Webmaster center at that time.

Administrator of cereal song website supported a center to issue the give public notice about the link:

Link plan

The website rank in Google search result depends on partly the analysis that links in the light of the website. The amount of the link, quality and dependency can affect the rank of the website. Website link can provide the context about website theme, still can provide the signal about its quality and welcome degree. But, certain website administrator uses a link to exchange program, pure be linked for across and build cooperative business webpage, and neglect a link (origin) quality reachs his to be opposite the long-term effect that has a website oneself. This kind of practice violates the website administrator guideline of Google, the rank in searching a result possibly to the website produces negative effect. The give typical examples that links plan includes:

Aim to operate the link of PageRank
Link the banned website to the network or evil adjacent
Link exchange and plan of mutually beneficial link (you link me, I link you. )
Buy or market a link

Want to make other website establishs the link related to your website, optimal way is to found distinctive and relevant content, popularity is won quickly to spend in Internet community. Your content is more useful, someone else discovers your content is valuable to its reader more likely, can establish the link of the content that points to you consequently. Before making any decisions, should ask oneself: Is the person that do the webpage to me to visit so beneficial?

The effective link that has the website that points to you not only is counted, still have the quality of these links and dependency. Found good content to be able to produce good redound: The popularity of the link spends generation at bearing numerous interest, bacchic Blogger community may be the good place that generates interest. In addition, submit your website relevant list please, for example, open Directory Project and Yahoo! , with etc the professional website of specific industry.

If your website already was deleted from inside Google index, consult please our website administrator guideline, in order to know a detail. If you already undertook the website violates our website administrator guideline no longer change and assuring, so that,refer a website please new examine and verify.

If you think with Google at this point the problem undertakes discussion, or want to suggest how we exchange this issue with you better, post on our website administrator forum please.

Link exchange and plan of mutually beneficial link among them (you link me, I link you. ) must cause our attention at this o’clock, this namely the friendship link that we often say, search engine optimizes rich guest to basically intent outside had not asked for friendship to link, but general and other friend or SEOer should exchange a link, maple won’t refuse like Lin Yi. After looking this a little bit, do not know SEO people experience how? Confused. . . . . .

Commercial link, link the very easy understanding such as group of hair to be cogged, now almost friendship links blacklist be includinged.

Do not know here notices a kind of link? Google did not allude, that is individual guide link and derive link, should control quality of course.

The character links the site interior that does not want him grudge that is to say, as long as those pages and this key word are relevant, we can become a few links appropriately, for instance the Blog of Matt, the rich guest such as the rich guest of Keso is planted the link is richer.

Additional on one hand, exterior the link to this station, this is the main avenue that forms resonant link, what should say here is support article content, sucking the individual link that draws relevant site with quality is more natural, inside the limits that also does not notice in Google, choose the course of action of stone rich guest for instance.

In-house link, him site is in-house the link between each relevant pages, this also is not mentioned in linking plan, be expected issue of course, if this kind of link is nonexistent, the webpage did not have a law to browse, SEOer people do not prevent OK and great consideration the link of these a few respects, of course the link that those search engine and ODP come to still effective.

Of course, these adjust how old to won’t arising for white hat SEO influence, white hat people the research of the design that pays attention to structural frame and key word, of course from at present the trend sees SEO not only just pay close attention to a machine, also experiencing to UE(user) respect infiltration, effective structural frame (for instance, standardization webpage is designed) to searching engine the rank is quite beneficial.

The grey cap that perhaps is in black and white brim to black hat SEO knocks large-scale Google Dancing noisy for SEO final alarm bell, notable.