Google code search upgrades roll out multilateral language edition

Last year in October, google released code to search engine Google Code Search, search all sorts of code on Internet quickly with convenient user, include the definition of all sorts of function and relevant give a demonstration, the user still can be used directly criterion expression undertakes searching. Google announced to had undertaken improvement to code search today, and rolled out multilateral language edition first.

Google code is searched now not only can the record with complete capture, added the code sample part that goes up to alone code file and webpage newly still collect. The index algorithm that this means Google code to search and index database got be perfectinged further. Search Nph-refresh for instance:

In addition, google also improved the sort algorithm that code searchs, include will kind reach function definition to move relatively the rank position before. Finally, google code search had supported multilateral language edition now, and be released below the corresponding domain name that assign a station, include China, polish, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Holand, Russia, Spain. For instance we should visit the Google code search of simplified Chinese, besides can visit, still can visit now:

The Google code that simplified Chinese edition is below searchs home page:

If you feel you have a few code (or code library) should be searched to collect by Google code and it was not accomplished again temporarily, so you can choose to refer code actively to give Google:

   Refer your code to Google code search