Google AdWords and AdSense system give an issue again

The AdWords of these two days of Google and AdSense system give an issue again.

The income statistic part that is tiring-room above all appears to change out of order. It is first yesterday, discovery of a lot of promulgator chooses to go 3 months and past 12 months, the income after perhaps paying last oneself, indication number has difference. Be in then today, some people observe then, the income that this part comes out more, stealthily was taken off.

Someone says is compensation, it is Google to before paragraph time is too strict invalid clicked compensation. DavidYin however not so think, the tiring-room that I think this is Google made mistake again.

Another checks advertisement to run again namely. I had mentioned advertisement of a test to appear in the example before final user previously. See this again. It is the advertisement of

The staff member of hope Google AdWords and AdSense can careful again a bit more careful. And, gave a mistake, besides correct besides, even seasonable make an explanation, let an user set one’s mind at.