Google ADSense puts in plan

Because belong to,face stationmaster kind website, putting in GG advertising time to emphasize particularly on so recommend reach earn in the net or GG is placed to release business to join on the column of special GG Ads, development gets offline user. Such, according to the policy of GG, develop account of 25 floor level, and be inside 180 days, every account is full if 100 beauty are round, line account will win 2500 beauty’s round additional award on, detailed policy lands GG ADS tiring-room to examine please.

Specific put in the position:

Home page: Home page face is not recommended put GG on advertisement, suit to place the commendation of the relevant project of itself website or product function quite.

Content page: GG is placed to recommend on the right side of the look inside / GG picture puts on advertisement below its, advertisement of thematic contest price sets the floor in content text.

Column page: Place in lower part of column navigation connective, the upper part of content join casing, page of flat perhaps column need not place ad, because do not have the effect basically.

The advertisement of individual space Blog puts in:

Answer to move layer of a float in page the right side, set a picture next or thematic advertisement, this suits put in on the right side of complete station, the effect is better.

Forum advertisement puts in:

The theme in new post cuts advertisement code on the right side of content, be in the place of autograph, those who put an IF annulus sow advertisement code, putting GG theme advertising on moment, draw a frame round of a content can be added on the page, for instance: IDC serves business to recommend, next below the advertisement that moves a GG with IF code, the effect is better, recommend home page and content page to be able to be placed.

In all pages lower part, place a this station to produce the literal ad with similar perhaps gains to join through GG, the advertisement of home page and column page puts in the effect not quite ideal, the key should be put in content page above, do not recommend the keyword ad that makes GG, the effect is not quite good. If want to do, place below the column navigation of every page reach but, the color of advertisement word had better be mixed the color of webpage content is same.

Additional: It is OK to put advertising on moment change advertisement code into JS to undertake putting in directly, compare surplus thing and facilitating management

If want to let advertisement achieve,do not have seam match, call with respect to the code that use IF, in the keyword that places advertising page headline to install you to need, but attention: Whether does the content that should notice when put in advertisement is in the position concern couplet sex, can be hit by GG otherwise PP oh.

GG advertisement puts in when should notice:

1: The hit cannot have the GG content ad of other above tall GG advertisement format.

2: Put less as far as possible. GG shows advertisement is to show costly ad first commonly, if put advertisement is much, can appear advertisement of a lot of low. Such word clicks unit price to be met low.

Integrated afore-mentioned cited an example at 2 o’clock:

Put two ad than standing like, one is 468*60 is put in website coping, another 300*250 and article mix a platoon. Because advertisement of GG high price shows first, the ad that so 468*60 shows compares the high price that 300*250 indicates, but unfortunate is 468*60 the person burns this advertisement it doesn’t matter, 300*250 this advertising hit is tall, but advertisement unit price is particularly low. Solving advertisement is take out 468*60 this advertisement or put it floor. The experience of a lot of netizens is to put unit price less to go up, the feeling calculates put 468*60 below good without take out.

The attention when tiring-room installs:

Can install filter competitor website and filter not to need or the advertisement word with low price, can improve profit result so.

Window of much Si Zhi of Er of another name for Hubei province

Put in basically Alexandrine, if do GG only, recommend the ad that makes red fox.

After GG ADS upgrades, can install advertisement according to the category, such, can install the advertisement of different type in different column or content.

Specific place:

It is on the right side of home page advertising casing, can be below its reconstructive a same circle, change the content inside into advertisement of GG character theme or picture advertisement, when putting in red fox, can build column of theme of red fox of a diminutive technically, use at recommending user download.

Area kind site, recommend make Baidu search or thematic ad, baidu theme advertisement applies for to have restriction


Putting GG advertising on moment, not be to say the position that put in is more, the effect is better, meet instead the thing gets his to turn over. An ad is placed in excellent position, more than the many fund that come are being set in inefficient position.