Google adjusted search algorithm 450 times last year

Google is run to the interior of the company all along one’s intention revealed in saying is very close, but also truly a few message may be divulged to come out inadvertently. The vice-president Udi Manber that Google is in charge of searching character to supervise was accepting recently when interviewing, disclose innocently: Google is in adjusted one year 450 times inside time last year search engine is algorithmic.

Express according to him: Their job searchs conditional adjustment algorithm according to the user namely in order to search most the webpage that match, this company raised diversification to search a result last week, make the enclothes as a result webpage of the search wider, have the search word of obscure part in order to solve.

As to the search of industry popularity engine is optimized (SEO) , manber expresses, they need to accomplish a main essential factor at least, ability makes sure the job is more comfortable: I hope people should consider how to just can let someone else find them, and correct keyword is placed in his page

He still expresses, google all along won’t the hand is moved adjust search result.

How we discover the search result in a characteristic, result 4 should be a result the position of 1, so we change it actually without ability, but the weakness that we can find out it, revise algorithm in the light of the result, find a comprehensive means of settlement