Go to what Baidu collects new station regular research investigation

The basis shows to the newest investigation of a few stationmaster, baidu collects new website about time is 2 weeks. That is to say, new station has been done, need to wait for ability of 2 weeks of time to be collected in Baidu. Only very few the stationmaster with one lucky part, can making a station 3 days in, with respect to the patronage that can get Baidu reptile. So I think, baidu collects a website, for certain a few go of regular existence, I also studied designedly, reach the plan of a few correspondence. Below, I draw up my discovery come, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody. Find oneself, baidu reptile is a little abnormal, his go regular more consider not easily, does everybody think? There is no lack of among them a few factitious elements exist.

State above all, SEO is absolutely cannot cogged, seo is one kind optimizes a technology, is not cogged method.

1, website use SEO is optimized excessive

Come from prime increase say, baidu and SEOER are adverse impact. If earthly person is met SEO, who still can buy contest price to rank then? And what Baidu emphasizes is user experience, if your search comes out,the page of an advanced face is the page that piles key word composition. Time grew, who can still continue to use this search engine? So excessive optimize be dropped by Baidu K surely. This on one hand, I am willing to support Baidu more.

Corresponding plan:

Just did good website, do not undertake overmuch Seo optimize, do not do even optimize. The key word in caption repeats do not exceed twice, the key word in the description repeats do not exceed 3 times. Should not pile up more, the key word of home page makes nature arrange as far as possible, not sedulous caboodle is in those a few important places. Density controls the key word of home page to be controlled in 3%-4% as far as possible.

Should ask with respect to somebody so: Doesn’t the line on new station make a dot optimize more how to go? Are a lot of ace to stand newly to be collected have good rank? My answer is: What you should make now is to let engine collect, do not want rapid move to want a rank first. Ace can hold spent issue. The new hand is very hard. After waiting for a website to collect two days. Collect page at least to exceed 35 pages.

At this moment you come to your SEO skill exert again, undertake optimizing to your station. Make SEO most those who abstain from is impatient gas dry, too impatient. Stable and long + insisting to update ability is kingcraft! My friend that becomes Seo has said, baidu collects late website, the website that is you likely is in eye of Baidu search engine, the weight of your station is a bit greater.

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