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Core clew: Google Adsense updated an article in guest of its government gain, point out Google always will be an user to offer rich and useful search to be put in the first place as a result. Try the small proposal that when gives out to found user of good content website to experience.

We always will offer rich and useful search to be put in the first place as a result for the user. We try the small proposal that when gives out to found user of good content website to experience under:

Provide the content related to thematic height

Establish a clear theme, offer to it the content related height. Prevent each other of load one’s writing with fancy phrases irrelvant content. In establish after website theme, want how to still can undertake further classification. The exemple is consistent about Yo website, can consider according to child health care, sickness treatment, preschool education undertake you still can choose classified; related to the theme, straightaway domain name comes to the network address that convenient user remembers you.

Those who use clarity, the browsing interface with friendly user and webpage layout

Good user interface includes Google to any website is very important, it can give an user very good the first impression, how to browse a website to the user also very important. If you want to use multimedia for example Flash, to make sure the website of Flash content can be indexed normally by Google, can consult our rich guest article how best uses Flash.

Provide the function of a few convenient users

For example, you can provide function of the search inside the station, you still can be in the content; that makes an user very can fast find his to want undertake the user is investigated on your website, understand the advantage of own website and inadequacy, let an user feel you care; to theirs you still can be a picture offer reasonable Alt character, cannot browse picture or net in order to go to the lavatory fast slower user.

Provide the content that achieves formerly

The user comes to your website, the content that the content; that they hope to see other place is done not have borroweds blindly can destroy an user to experience (automatic capture content still meets use program to be in to your website the rank in search result produces negative effect) . If need to reprint really, respect the copyright of the person that achieve formerly please, the provenance of chapter of mark proclaimed in writing (offer) of a textual link. The energy reframe that tries him investment, editor and augment these content, those who make more the theme of the website that matchs you oneself, style and layout. If you still provide multimedia content, for example online video or music, you can provide literal specification. If embed these content on your webpage, let an user can go up to be able to admire these content in your website, that is better.

Had safeguarded oneself website

Website by black the nightmare that is stationmaster. The website that checks oneself regularly please in order to ensure website security. In the meantime, the website that you also want to avoid your suffers the descent of baleful software, software of referenced nick ill will- – the little skill of the website that keep clear of and protects you.

Offer effective, easy gotten connection way can help you if your website still has forum to perhaps leave a message,get the directest feedback; that comes from an user board, the person that had better ensure they won’t be left a message by rubbish so is used. How to avoid to leave a message rubbish, can consult the little skill that reduces rubbish to leave a message.