Get keyword large flow to do the 5 gist in good SEO method to nod

Core clew: The worst place makes your keyword is obtained namely most the rank before leaning, a few simple effective effective to searching engine methods will be told about to promote a site rank and website flow below.

One when the website of great majority and commercial site place seek is nodded jointly is site discharge, the organic search engine flow that every net canal knows to next best discharge types are nature, have two main reasons: (1) eye punctuation is very clear. (2) free.

1.It is Meta label above all

Likelihood this already well-known or you being had been being used, but how be just effective use? Here we say at 2 o’clock. It is Title label, describe tag namely additionally, and we do not make keyword label specification, because search engine to had taken this a little bit seriously not quite now, even some of controversy thinks it does not have any action at all, but we still are using it, because it returns those who have the advantage that has one of deciding, and use this label also do not have what disadvantage. It is very effective that the text version that we discover to in caption and description these two label issue use likeness puts the keyword the position with these two conspicuous label (be located in begin is in and over) , we discover a lot of sites to use in its Title label, new Page1, or Welcome To My Site, these do not rise to promote certain and specific keyword the action of the rank in fact. Same, also be not used below these label and or or the word of and so on.

2.Need a few points of the specification about the keyword

The outstanding sex of the keyword can be evaluated when search engine is deciding a site is ranked, weight, keyword density. Of above these to single page, caption label, label is described will alone undertake assessment. The keyword highlights a gender is the distance that shows initiative location lies between keyword distance page, keyword weight is to show a certain specific keyword or sentence are in frequency is appeared above the page, keyword density is a certain keyword the rate that holds in whole page character, weight and density should not be too tall, meet what be thought to have keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases by engine disrelish so, be searched the likelihood a few penalty of engine. Link navigation (and Java script) put in right bottom perhaps, and the left that does not put a page. When search engine reads those who take a page, its order is the Zun Shangduan from the page the bottom to right end. Search engine will take the before 100 words of the site seriously very much, you always do not hope the word of these that significant positions is navigation link or Java script, what should do is to will look up label and keyword put a page initiative place. Perhaps say, link navigation or the right end that Java script puts a page is bottom perhaps, the capture text with can make search engine OK better so, such ability accomplished significant position use up its to use.

3.Alt label is set on all pictures

Knowing to search engine to searching engine to have what understand certainly is cannot capture any the picture is video perhaps. Make search engine to know the only way of picture content carries Alt tag namely. This also is additionally one kind places more keywords to arrive among HTML, improve page keyword weight, the method of density. Alt label is used rise simpler, they can make your site keyword reachs the action that differs greatly since the rank. A simple Alt label is as follows: Alt=put Your Keyword Phrase Here. , all alone engine also can meet search to evaluate the outstanding sex of the keyword in Alt label alone, density, weight, so of label optimize imperative also.

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