Fundamental tutorial: The keyword chooses main train of thought and analytic course

How to undertake the keyword is analysed?

How is the keyword affirmatory? From this article, we can understand the main train of thought that chooses a keyword roughly:

1. chooses to accord with the keyword of own actual strength

2. does not choose the keyword with too low flow

We anatomize the process that the keyword analyses in detail now:

1. understands trade general situation

2. industry keyword assembles

3. keyword is emulative analysis

4. keyword development plans to predict with discharge

5. decides target keyword

Understand trade general situation

1. searchs travel owner keyword, those who search the website of before the result 5 pages to basically can show this industry is wraparound. For instance: The before this keyword discharges SEO 50 site that basically is special major, and the majority is advocate domain name, the bag in the domain name 2 contain SEO be in the majority.

The site that you are familiar with 2. , dimensions of the time building a station that includes this site, professional, site, advocate the keyword.

3. searchs before 10 sites of the result in industry keyword, be basically contest price website? Industry website? Does intranet stand? Be still individual website? If contest price website and industry website are in the majority, show website of individual of strong; of keyword commerce value, this industry uses advertisement alliance form for the most part, the person that have innovation profit pattern can consider to cut website of; simple enterprise, explain the industry is emulative not strong.

From these respects, you can hold trade general situation roughly. Manage together, you can understand industry of lumber of course of study of parade of building materials industry, industry reducing weight, brigade, nonferrous metal, filter to wait.

Industry keyword assembles

1. searchs travel owner keyword, click a search the more and relevant search with the first bottom as a result page. Gain the rally of industry keyword from here, do proper filtration.

2. acquires the daily search amount of every keyword from Baidu index.

3. if you need more industry keywords, can use tool of key word of Chinese edition Google.

The keyword is emulative analysis

1. chooses to suit yourself from inside industry keyword gather. Include: Keyword dependency, keyword searchs value of commerce of quantity, keyword.

The keyword that 2. is aimed at a choice (we call) of 2 class keyword, the rank general situation that understands 2 class keyword by the way that knows trade general situation.

The competition of 2 class keyword often does not have 3. so strong, if search a result,occurrence catalog of the first page is linked or content page, can be one of target keywords certainly.

Before 4. needs to be ranked to nature 5 site undertakes an analysis, include SEO level, advocate value of the dimensions of keyword, website, time that build a station, PR.

5. needs 3-6 commonly the development of lunar time, whether do you have such patience? If cannot suffer such time, need a consideration emulative lower.

Keyword development plans to predict with discharge

1. can develop certainly advocate keyword, have profit greatly to the promotion of website discharge. Be like: Just began to be able to decide SEO is optimized give priority to a keyword, in the future the development as the website, the search of SEO also can have good rank in the result.

The development of 2. keyword is normative, need has a definite arrangement.

3. discharge predicts the work that is experience of a need, although a few keywords are daily search capacity is very much, but discharge is main by before 3 (hind 2) or intercept of contest price website.

4. to large trade website, this measure is to appear very important.

Decide target keyword

The analysis of above, basically can help you decide target keyword. To advocate station (advocate domain name or say home page) , often can decide 3 targets keyword. The keyword of catalog page, content page is OK with this analogize.