Fundamental tutorial searchs engine to optimize fundamental space and domain name

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One, the space that how chooses stability

What is fictitious lead plane?

Fictitious lead plane, it is to be in a certain disk space differentiates to place component of site, application to wait for the user on network server, offer necessary site function and data to deposit, transmission function. The occurrence of fictitious mainframe technology, it is the significant contribution of pair of Internet technologies, it is the good news of broad Internet user. Because many fictitious lead plane shares the resource of a real leader, fee of hardware of every user susceptive, network safeguards the charge, charge of communication circuitry to all be reduced substantially, internet uses the network that must have into humanness person truly! Now, almost all American companies (include a few families) the WEB server that all established oneself on the network, what among them the part that comparative is used is fictitious lead plane! Alleged and fictitious lead plane, the server that also calls website space to run on Internet namely differentiates many fictitious servers, the domain name that each fictitious lead plane has independence and complete Internet server (supportive WWW, FTP, E-mail) function.

The different and fictitious lead plane on a server is respective independence, manage by user proper motion. But lead plane of a server can support a certain quantity of fictitious leader only, when exceeding this amount, the user will feel function drops quickly. Fictitious mainframe technology is the saves cost of server strong put oneself in another’s position technology that Internet server uses, fictitious mainframe technology basically applies at HTTP service, some full perhaps service of a server content logic differentiates for many services unit, it is many servers now to appearance, make full use of thereby natural resources of server strong put oneself in another’s position. If differentiate,be systematic level, call fictitious server.

What to buy fictitious lead plane to need to notice?

The stability of 1. space.

Stability is hire website space chief factor, if a website is apropos,in search spider of all alone engine comes capture content when, the space cannot be visited normally, search engine will not index your webpage. Because this will give a website to bring the loss that cannot estimate, because come from search,the discharge of all alone engine occupied the one much of website discharge. So, this also develops demand of place of condition of network sale oneself. A lot of enterprises for covet temporarily cheap and go using the space with free low stability, this kind of way cannot be taken.

The function of 2. space.

If website place is used program and database space do not support, the popular dynamic program after that website uploads cannot run. This a lot of novice may be encountered, because be opposite program or the database does not understand. For instance DZ, it is PHP program, MYSQL database, which when choosing a space, notice supportive PHP and MYSQL are OK commonly. The jump overing that is not support at the same time has been jumped over more, MSSQL is very for instance much program now is not use, return very wasteful resource, what so everybody chooses to be used quite is OK, those who support a function is less, also can exceed petty gain of course, security is higher also.

The size of 3. space.

The principle that dimensional size chooses is, both neither wastes the further progress that wants a website again to take superabundant land. If resemble rich guest kind the website need not choose very large space. Large website, stationmaster is about the website act according to actual circumstances according to oneself.

The price of 4. space.

Price issue is one of cost that need a consideration. Space of excellent value cheap may hide trap. It is in the IDC market with not neat bogus of domestic good people, be not puzzled by place of tariff face article.

Parameter of 5. space character

Wait for a problem to limitation of IIS, discharge, CPU. Hard disk space is opposite very cheap, basically be to measure resource cost to depend on IIS at the same time online amount, website month discharge these parameter. Limitting flow is likely, but at the same time online amount may meet IIS be restricted, because the IIS of one Taichun server is counted,be in 5000 the left and right sides. IIS is every second highest and online number, IIS=100 that is to say every second is online 100 people, exceeded meeting shows cannot show this page.

The credit of 6. space business.

The service business with a good public praise must choose when buying a space, this meeting moves for the stability of your website provide powerful safeguard.

7. pays close attention to your neighbour

Generally speaking, the space that major company place uses should say for fictitious lead plane, also make share lead plane basis to share the characteristic of lead plane, we know, the space of major company is the space with other very much website public and same an independent IP, so we are OK of figure say all websites below this IP lie environment of a coexist. If your neighbour disobeyed a certain search,the regulation of all alone engine suffers penalty, go up in this server together settle your website also is reached by disaster likely and suffer same penalty.

8, still have even if, often changing server IP is chilly to searching engine act. In a few technology patent that are made public, have early point out clearly measure website quality order and degree more or less to often change with you IP is concerned.