Fundamental study: Link the influence that optimizes to searching engine reversely

Core clew: The key gives authority today analytic influence that links pair of SEO reversely.

The respect such as construction of layout of the link structural frame of interior of a website, keyword, URL, content after the website optimizes the job to finish, not effect of can direct SEO, because this just has laid the foundation of SEO, want to obtain better rank, still must develop the retrorse link that increases website keyword webpage, because the quality of retrorse link and amount affect the rank of this keyword directly.

One, what is retrorse link

There is a link to point to B webpage in A webpage, so the retrorse link that A webpage is B webpage!

Emphasize particularly:

Retrorse link is the relation between webpage and webpage, not be the relation between website and website. The link between each webpages calls website interior in-house link, other website gives you the retrorse link that the webpage of the website becomes, call exterior link. No matter exterior link or interior are linked, it is retrorse link, it is influential to searching a rank.

2, the influence that retrorse link is worth to PR

According to the view of Google, the computation that PR is worth is having very complex algorithm, but what need not oppugn is, the amount of retrorse link and quality are having conclusive effect to PR value.

If you want to obtain higher PR cost, must have the retrorse link of a certain quantity of high quality, enough perhaps generous is linked reversely.

Examine the PR cost of the webpage, on the browser that can install you in order to download Google tool column, such word, browse any webpages, can see its PR is worth directly, at the same time Google tool column still has the function such as the interpreter, first-rate with, here is recommended to everybody. Download address: / Intl/zh-CN

3, the what kind of retrorse link that links a high quality

Section of what kind of retrorse the coming year is the retrorse link of high quality?

1, authoritative website

For example website of governmental orgnaization website, blame gain orgnaization is waited a moment, the PR cost of these website home page is average very tall, if this kind of website can give you a link, very can big to your help.

2, relevant website:

Commutative link, may compare adjacent website to have trade with those and your website user only, such retrorse link also is quality is good.

3, famous website

The exemple is some more consistent famous news information kind website, each big search engine updates N to these websites everyday second, if the important webpage of these websites gives you a link, when searching engine to update this website everyday, arrived with respect to crawl down the link your website, also can hit hit those who raise search index to prop up the website to you to update frequency, having very great help to your website rank thereby.