Fruit knife and lethal weapon: The brief introduction of analyse SEO and SEC and distinction

Core clew: The means search engine of SEO is optimized (Search Engine Optimization) . And cogged behavior belongs to a search engine is cogged (Search Engine Cheat) .

One, the working principle of SEO

Speak of SEO, a lot of friends that are not special understanding SEO want easily to mix it cogged this word is pulled at the same place, we talk about the working principle of SEO now, and the difference of SEO and SEC, give SEO renown.

Search engine optimizes (the working principle of the working principle of SEO) is very simple:

A what kind of website does engine of on the world each search like to discharge advanced face?

The answer is: The good website of high quality.

What kind of website is just the website of so called high quality?

1. lets an user had felt: Content quality is good, user experience is spent tall

2. lets search engine to had felt: Website structure, page design, label annotate waits each respect detail a moment the design is reasonable, can let search engine to search the content inside more easily.

What is the work that should SEO do?

Common webpage stylist and website make personnel do not know network sale, do not know a website to make, basically be onefold from beautiful go design and making a website with functional respect, because consider to be less than website structure, link structure, composing of page article table, the detail problem of the respect such as label annotate, so major search engine collects the major page of the website very hard, search the content inside very hard also.

The work that SEO personnel should do optimizes a website namely, perfect this website, engine of all alone letting search collects the content of the website more easily, more the content that searchs this website, the search is alled alone by search engine is searched, what if coordinating other sale,the job does is exceedingly good, this website is opposite from the quality of content and website structure those who search engine is friendly degree what do than other websites is outstanding, those who rank nature went up. So simple.

SEO is so simple, what imagine without everybody is so complex. The work that SEO should do is optimized namely and perfect a website, what make the website is better! The website has been made, obtaining good rank is very natural business, , without that search engine does not like a good website to discharge advanced face.

Want, be an upright person also is this truth, we change the society all round us without force, we can repair oneself only of refine stronger, go getting used to this society, let a society admit us. The society likes outstanding person, because these people can quicken social progress.

2, search engine is cogged (the working principle of SEC) :

Search engine cribber (the train of thought of SEC) is very simple also:

Every search engine has certain flaw, study the rank that searchs engine is regular, seek among them loophole. Undertake according to flaw next cogged do a rank to perhaps design cogged program batch to produce cogged website to bring discharge through searching engine.

Although the train of thought with search cogged engine is simple, but technical doorsill is very tall, make search engine at present cogged person is zenithal and clever, it is top program ace, because they are the people that can discover search engine flaw, average person can not reach this kind of state. They exploit the loophole that searchs engine, mass-produced rubbish website, bring enormous flow through searching engine with these rubbish websites, change these discharge into money with network advertisement next.

They although this kind of behavior helped him earn money, but the result that destroyed search engine as a result of their behavior, so they caused the dissatisfaction of the user, the user resented, search engine is sure the meeting is dissatisfactory, because search engine,of pursuit is the good sense of the user. So, search engine searchs quality to raise oneself, go deleting these websites necessarily, and use a few technologies just cope with these cogged behavior.

Search engine cribber passes search engine gain money, but they are short of damaged used search experience, harmed the interest that searchs engine.

Cogged not be to optimize, if get this kind of act,searching the English spelling law with cogged engine is Search Engine Cheat an abbreviation, should be SEC.

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