From website interior the structure begins to talk about musical website how to do SEO

Core clew: This piece the article is from website interior the structure begins completely, exterior link and waiting newlier is rigid condition, for the moment does not say.

The Orphean music network that my constant goes to today cannot be opened, do I am very depressedly, can go only Baidu searchs network of a music to listen temporarily afresh, because do SEO, know to search the finds me to need website with what kind of very can direct word so, inputted music simply then two words, the Orphean platoon that discovers my constant goes is in the 2nd, the first. . Forgot, was disinclined to search, seem to cry 1 listen.

Hearing a song now, how if if give me network of a music,thinking of suddenly, I should be done optimize, more or less does the content that puts literal aspect more appear some rely on chart not quite, it is musical website after all, music takes dominant place for certain, and itself other people is a musical website, also want to put a lot of things and frequency inside the page for certain so, the layout prep let alone of the keyword, arrange very hard basically. . . The rest of omiting a certain number of words, I was immersed in a brief reflection later, ponder over those who gave the following to need to do in the light of website SEO respect to adjust.

Write before beginning formally: This piece the article is from website interior the structure begins completely, exterior link and waiting newlier is rigid condition, for the moment does not say, need enough and powerful server group to support necessarily to musical station, also did not talk about.

The a bitth: Station of a music is sure content is very much, so level the website as far as possible, reduce catalog deepness, the fore-and-aft concern with absolutely if it were not for is same make it is transverse roll out, such to large amount content it is good to collect do a few.

at 2 o’clock: Music kind because the website can not lack the content that need updates, and newer content is very much, to let updated content and original content generation enclothes block up to collect, the content information content above home page must enough much, the information content content that classifies column page also wants much, and must the content of take out no point.

at 3 o’clock: For beautiful go to the lavatory with the choice, can make it the sort of using Js and Css pilot are clicked change of indication content board piece, such reaching placed enough much content, what won’t let a website pull again is too long.

at 4 o’clock: The career that opens to accelerate a webpage and reduce a webpage to believe comparing of a confusion of voices, code must choose Div+css, and had better undertake to the webpage reduce weight to be cut with code, all all likelihoods are not affecting a website the rate that open is accelerated below the premise of original content and function.

at 5 o’clock: To make up for website character content little, the search cites the problem that props up not easy and correct judgement, below the premise that divides nevertheless, as far as possible the content that to picture and link use Alt and Title label help search engine understand a website.

at 6 o’clock: Must assure not to have dead link and invalid frequency file, dead link need not say, according to observation, invalid frequency file also is met influential.

Basically I also thought of these, right according to above these saw the music with a few good ranks stand, accomplished me basically to say this when, still have a lot of too fine SEO detail, interpose at length problem I was not written, everybody has the opinion with good what to be able to complement.