From user experience and SEO two angle talk about the description of the website

Website description, with website keyword, title is same, it is a when website and search communicate important way. But it is Baidu or Google without giving thought to at present, the weight that describes to the website is being reduced ceaselessly, search more and more intelligence, the catenary outside can passing what you concern a description or the other content of your website text comes capture is a description, but say always, the description of the website, remain the first selection that searchs capture.

We do SEO, be aimed at a search namely commonly, and the search is with the user the experience is index, actually so the ultimate goal of SEO is user experience. Through Ai Rui user behavior studies investigation makes clear, search result page to go up at present, the choice of the website, the user that has had 40% is be described through its and undertake choosing.

E.g. , you should search a brand, after inputting a keyword, watch the government-owned network that is this brand commonly, although it is a platoon in the 3rd, 4. And those who judge this brand is the most crucial it is the description below this website caption. Very unfortunate is, a lot of more current SEO or stationmaster, through SEO is aimed at only when setting website is described. Repeat oneself keyword a few times namely. It is to take the branch for the root actually so.

Above all, above paragraphs says place. The search has been being reduced to descriptive weight, reduce have what integral and influence; hardly next, it is user experience. For instance you search next free novels, appear a relevant novel website, rise as what the user experiences, major user, consider a rank no longer, consider the service of novel website however. (of course, your website rank also must be in 10 at least in front or 5) , this moment, if the description is farfetched, it is around the keyword setting, so, apparent, if an apparent writing is worn,do not contain play a window, the website result that the word such as net of pure green novel describes comes well, because the user feels it is worth while and trustful.

That article that wrote yesterday like me is same, " " say a search capture that lets a person find both funny and annoying to describe case " , this is a typical descriptive case. This describes complete deviate oneself theme, calculate a rank the first, the user that estimates a visit also is met prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is very much.

The user experience that searchs at present has been the mainest index of the website, SEO is to should be done, but cannot be aimed at a search only, be fallen to counterpoise only otherwise or the consequence of client of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. Simple it is true. Left user experience, your website cannot go far for certain, or forever commonplace, earn bit of small IP, or is punished, direct by K.