From the search of Baidu the result sees the value that links anchorage character

Very long did not keep the content about Baidu Seo on rich guest, discovered Baidu recently a such phenomena, baidu can revise website caption according to linking a character.

Above all we search Netease in Baidu, discharging the caption in the result is Netease

Next I am searched again 163, as a result medium caption is Netease 163

I do not know when this kind of case begins, but this reflected a fact, link anchorage character to have very main effect to the rank of the website, and this kind of effect is very main in Baidu.

Remember be in a long time ago, my rich guest name calls a nest S Blog, the link that becomes at that time so also is this character mostly, because keyword competition is not very intense, later so the name has comparatived one paragraph after 7 character in long time, my rich guest can be discharged very when searching a nest before leaning, latter nevertheless this rank seemed to drop many, and of 7 character collect also dropped many. Do not know why Baidu reduced my weight, the character here is achieved formerly for the most part, look Baidu still is inferior to Google so action person likes. Condemn Baidu with this article, allegedly such meetings have effect, I also try.

(author rich guest: .cn)

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