From the point of keyword train ticket each SEO of big website is optimized

The Spring Festival is traditional festival of China, every time at this moment, without giving thought to far the people that horizon is in should hurried back the home spends the New Year, china has Chinese distinguishing feature, what wait to have a lot of with western country from culture, traditional idea is different, they dare not envisage somebody to do not have life to buy a piece of ticket that come home for certain. Because had the Spring Festival, the heat with network the closest heat is the information about the train ticket, for instance search train ticket is made over, train ticket inquiry, train ticket is ordered etc, the train net that these words are an advanced face is a few major, train ticket net, still the network of large classified information go to market, net that be the same as a city is waited a moment.

In the keyword search of these relevant train tickets, discharge just a little the website that the train type that is two major contains official property, believe Baidu cannot it how. The 3rd be the same as city net namely, go up early to hear early of the net that be the same as a city is preparing Spring Festival special subject in the net. A of the net that be the same as a city deputy also always be SEO expert, in forum inside he also is an administrator. The 4th it is net of go to market, the SEO of net of go to market need not say, hear the MM that changes a link technically has ten, nevertheless often the case that leaves a link secretly happens, of home page return a go to market the rank of 2 grade domain name. The 5th is cruel dispatch net, special plane ticket train ticket sells the website that make over, its the information of inquiry is to come from oneself kind of each conflagration car is special website, it is Wu of a ticket actually kind dragnet stands, the SEO affirmation that makes a search is about the same also over there go, I the 6th should be about to divide type website, promising young person, below the home page of this website became navigation of a network address quickly, do not know Baidu can make him strong arrive when? The 78th it is this locality treasure and common people net, SEO is done well, but not be to follow go to market and be the same as a city is same level. The 9th it is go to market 2 grade domain name, the 10th it is one orders a ticket kind website, the keyword is online the train ticket is ordered on the net, can be being done still basically is SEO is done well, I still cannot remember its net name to now, perhaps later can the opportunity remembers. Have a few common platoons advanced a few website is discharged now was in the 2nd page, domain name very the that pulls wind, and railroad network, these a few websites are discharged now was in the 2nd page.

As a whole, of professional government is the first a group of people of same interest, the 2nd a group of people of same interest is large classified information. The SEO that the 3rd a group of people of same interest is major is being done optimize. This keyword has sex of effectiveness for a given period of time, when the Spring Festival passes, the competition that believes Baidu home page so won’t fierce. From the point of the rank, SEO is not all-purpose, but the effect that has to ranking place is visible. SEO can say to establish the rank with just can have better on certain foundation only, tall PR of the history e.g. website domain name, professional, huge content data, tall weight is waited a moment, these had be equal to even if 100 meters of race matches with 1000 meters, call Liu Xiang to run 1000 meters, you run 100 meters, liu Xiang also does not run to cross you. Nevertheless home page has 10 places, of a few from the back organic still meetings, content PR weight has not compared them, the catenary outside having only, short-term inside effective addition is exterior link rank is pretty good still, this is in a few from the back not rank of well known website can see. An auxiliary action is on the rank of SEO, someone says SEO was not used, this is incorrect, in millions of keywords that search data result, SEO can have conclusive effect sometimes, benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom.

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