From Shi Yuzhu flexible language acclaims 80 words bid farewell to talk about website content to optimize

Shi Yuzhu, the legend character of sale group, from partner of platinum of giant, head, gold, he always spreads impression to the person’s strong brand, but the promotion effect that actually strong is him, his promotion method is gentle however. See flexible language acclaims Shi Yuzhu today 80 words part is weak do not touch forcedly, layout reader is much, the price 45 buckle, caption wants marked, piece piece have illustration, party Nemesis is given priority to, announce word no good, the glyph should be united, advertisement is not had all round, cannot add black draw a frame round, appearance is irregular, the hot line does not want to add, advertisement wants clever, coda adds newspaper flower, carry out not go out of form, effect excellant. , can’t help plainting for it! Use both hard and soft tactics of true it may be said, its method is soft – let a person be happy to accept, and the effect is hard however – let a person cannot be forgotten. Connection arrives at present the website optimizes the current situation, not only ask oneself, is this also the highest state that website content optimizes?

Content optimizes the main body part that optimizes as the website, all the time since get high attention, the weight that holds a website to optimize because of its however is taller, be based on the psychology that is eager to hope for success, because this also produced a lot of pairs of cases that content has exceeding is optimized. The keyword is the Chongzhongzhi that content optimizes is weighed, reasonable, scientific keyword is politic, can optimize for content increase a class, however keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, to increase keyword density blindly make use of every bit of time or space, meaningless in content add thick, aberrant, increase the widespread presence such as color, these optimize is aimed at that those who search engine, sacrificed the experience of the user, violated the principle that is a center with the user, it is one kind abandons the action that demands end originally.

Such content is optimized is with strong the step exchanges faint effect actually, can bring negative effect even. Content optimizes a key to be in keyword, the keyword should be on the foundation that assures proper density, reasonable, natural go in content dispersedly, if what Shi Yuzhu says hot line of announce word no good,do not sum same argument, cannot for advertisement advertisement. Content optimizes the keyword in the process to appear in nature again, what must assure a statement is clear and coherent, semantics is clear, because our content basically is to communicate an user, we must be in charge of to the user, must be a center with the user, pay attention to an user to experience the effect, cannot for the keyword keyword, cannot be search engine algorithm and oversight is final user, because search the ultimate goal of engine,also be for the user.