From collect new site Gu Ge compares Baidu really for angle fast

For the angle that collects new site, google is faster than Baidu.

From site content corrective replacement hind, those who collect content is newer say, google is banner still.

Recent observation, namely the website of Sino-US lead plane, it is to use place of 2 grade domain name to make, did not make any promotion, just optimized promotion to write an article introduction in SEO website, was collected by Google inside a short day.

Begin to do content with Joomla, had collected, convert later WHMCS will do client government, after a week, new content also appears in front, be abandaned collect content to disappear slowly.

Did not do search engine to refer, also did not submit Sitemap document. Collected circumstance is very good.

My view is, search index props up the technical phase now, take the new page that the spider climbs through the link seriously quite, new website.

One comes from have the photograph link when the website of weight, than what important.

Another without test and verify guess even if, gu island website (the catenary outside doing not have) it is the poorest condition.